MINI Cooper Oil Breather Catch Can installation instructions

Tools needed:

Screwdriver, utility knife, adjustable wrench, power drill
Remove intercooler to access hoses.

1. Hold oil can as shown and mark firewall hole for drilling.

2. Drill hole in the plastic firewall using a drill bit roughly the size of the mounting bolt.

3. Mount oil cooler using the provided bolt and rubber spacer in the location shown, making
sure that the air filter top is flush with the rubber molding.


nme 4512

Hose routing diagram

1. Cut hose to appropriate lengths. You will have none left over.
2. Secure hoses with the 5 clamps provided marked in red (1-5)
3. Cap the gray plastic tube with the rubber cap indicated in green (6)

We recommend checking the tank sight tube frequently to see the rate
of fluid deposit. Empty when half full by loosening the drain bolt on the

nme 4512