Hi gang, it's Brendan MacRae from Mini Mania and today we're going to do an installation video of our Ultimate Armrest for your Gen 2 MINI (G2NMI4016BLK). We also have these available for your Gen 1 (NMI4016-BLK) and Gen 3 MINI (G3NMI4016).

It's a long part number, but if you do a search on our website for Ultimate Armrest at minimania.com, it'll pull up and then you just match it up for the year of your car. We'll show you how to put this into your car right now.

OK- this is the un-modified Rear Cup Holder that's right behind where your Emergency Brake is, this is your Emergancy Brake Boot, and this is basically the orientation of the Ultimate Armrest.

You can see that this Rear Cup Holder is going to replace the one that you have here and it gets secured with these 3 Screws, the smaller of the 3 is the one that goes towards the rear and the two longer Screws go in the front. You don't need to pre-drill any holes, as these are Self Taping Screws. You're only going through a thin bit of material at the bottom of the Factory cup Holder, so there's no reason to either use an Awl or to pre-drill a hole for these Screws. Just make sure that you've got it centered. Start with the rear Screw-that way once you get this one going and you start to get it fairly tight, then it will allow you to move the orientation of it in this direction left to right so that you can get it centered before you start to sink your other two Screws, which go in front here.

Don't be tempted to overtighten these. You're just going through some plastic here. Once you get him cinched tight that should be good enough. I wouldn't use a Screw Gun or an Electric Screwdriver with these I'd strictly do it by hand.

You'll notice that, your Armrest, will pivot up out of the way-either when you're setting your Emergency Brake or when you do not need it. Of course you can also slide it forward to give you more access between the Seats and will put the Front Seats back we'll show you how that works and you can also slide your second Cup Holder, that it provides you with, out of the way if you don't need it and you can have a little storage space, which is provided by this really cool Armrest as well.

The last step-you're provided with a little felt disc, peel and stick, so you can cover the tops your Screw heads-gives a nice complete finish. OK, all you need to do is fold your Armrest down, and you can either have it in this position or you can slide it forward. It provides a lot of support, which is great for those really long drives.