Get Connected: MINI Link App

As if motoring in a MINI wasn’t awesome enough, now there’s an app that makes it even better.

MINI Link is a map-based app that allows you to detect and connect with other members of the MINI community and share your favorite road recommendations and tips. It’s more than a cool, helpful, fun (and some might say life-changing) way to tap into the collective MINI mojo, it’s your key to the MINI kingdom, and a social networking app for your car.

• Drop a pin to mark your favorite drives, sights and dives. And check out spots that other MINI motorers have marked

• Alert your fellow MINI motorers about traffic, cheap gas, or where it might be wise to mind the speedometer

• Detect other MINI motorers in your area and automatically send them a digital wave without lifting a finger. Or send waves manually to MINIs anywhere in the country

• Socialize your MINI by creating a MINI community event

Most functions are one-touch, so you can keep your eyes on the road where they belong. (But we insist you let your copilot man the app when your MINI is in motion.)

The road is your oyster, MINI fans, and this app is a super high-tech shucking knife. Enjoy.

Note: Only MINI Owners can create events and add to the map, but all who are MINI enthusiast at heart are more than welcome to use the map to get road recommendations and participate in MINI culture and events.

Information & Download:

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MINI USA Website







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