MINI Cooper Clubman F54 Car Covers 2016-2020

Outdoor / Indoor Covers

Ultratect® Outdoor Car Cover
provides All-Weather Protection Using Film Barrier Technology. It is a custom-fit car cover made for durable outdoor protection with high-performance fabric at a moderate price you will love. Developed from the need for a cover that would retain its color and strength in extended outdoor exposure, while providing a high degree of water resistance and UV protection at a reasonable price.

Noah® Car Cover Fabric is a Non-Woven Weatherproof Fabric with Soft Liner.  Easy to handle and store, Noah car covers are designed to protect against weather, dust, and UV damage. Plus, the water resistant fabric is breathable so it allows trapped moisture and condensation to escape and th inner lining provides a soft touch to pamper paint and finishes.

WeatherShield® HP Car Covers are produced using a High-Performance Lightweight Fabric that is perfect for any weather condition and all environments. Lightweight so it’s easy to install, remove and store, the WeatherShield Car Cover is popular for daily use. Sheds water instantly and with its silicon encapsulated fibers it one of the best car covers for protecting your MINI’s paint and finish. 

Sunbrella® MINI Cooper Car Covers are one of the best covers for intense sun environments.  And because our acrylic fibers are solution dyed before the fabric is woven, you can rest assured the color goes all the way through the fabric. Plus, our special finish process softens the heavy-duty acrylic material is then softened to protect your MINI’s finish and is built-in urethane elastic that is sewn into the front and rear hems for easy installation.  

WeatherShield® HD MINI Car Covers are designed for Heavy-Duty Protection for Harsh Environments.  This cover is ideal for intense UV protection, long-term storage, or those living in extreme weather regions. The breathable fabric has a smooth finish to protect paint, sheds water instantly, and dries quickly.

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