EINSZETT Polish and Wax application

By Michael Mankarious
2002 einszett® North America

The following are directions for application of any of our polish and wax products. There are no special tips or tricks. Just let the product do the work.


Polishes maybe applied in one of several ways:

100% Terry Cotton Towel
Pour a quarter size amount of polish on car surface or towel. As stated on the product label, apply one section at a time (approximately 2 square feet), with light to medium pressure in a circular, up and down motion. Do not apply too much pressure, lean your bodyweight into the surface, etc.

Next, allow the product to dry to a haze and wipe off with a clean towel. Repeat process if necessary. Continue this process doing section by section until car is completed.

Foam Applicator Pad
Apply in the same manner as stated above for towel application. Do use a clean towel for wiping off excess polish and buffing.

We prefer the use of a towel over an applicator pad because the cotton fibers of the towel created more friction which allows the polish to be more effective at cleaning.

Dual Action Orbital Polisher vs. Hand Application
The advantages of using a DA over hand application are as follows:

1) DA's allow for more consistent results from beginning to end -- fatigue, which is a factor in hand application, is not a factor with the DA since the machine is doing all the work. This means that you apply the same consistent effort throughout the entire polishing process. This translates into better results from beginning to end.

2) Less product is needed. The same amount of polish poured for hand application can treat about twice as much surface area with the DA.

3) A DA reduces application time without sacrificing quality.

To apply using a DA, pour product on to either car surface or polishing pad. With DA in "off" position, spread product on to surface--this prevents splatter. Turn DA "on" and work in area approximately 2 square feet. Starting from the top of the section working your way down, move in a side to side motion, overlapping as you move downwards. When product dries to a haze, wipe off with a clean cotton towel. Repeat process if necessary.

NOTE: Remember that a DA Orbital is a finishing tool. Therefore, severe surface defects will most likely not be cured. For more serious defects such as severe swirl marks and scratches, utilize the services of a professional detailer.

Rotary Polisher:

NOTE: For experienced users only. Improper use can result in damage to the paintwork.

1Z polishes in the Shop Line and Pro-Line are designed to work exceptionally well with rotary buffers.

Unlike competing polishes, 1Z polishes are designed to stay wet longer and are low dusting which means easy clean up and the ability to apply in regions with higher temperatures.


Since einszett Glanz Wax is unlike any other wax, application differs slightly.

With an applicator foam pad or a terry cotton towel, pour a small amount onto either pad or towel and then wipe on surface of car. Since it applies in liquid form, a small amount will cover a large area. So be cautious the first time and don't pour too much.

Treat only one section at a time. After 30-60 seconds the product will turn from a liquid form to a milky gray color. When this happens, use a clean cotton towel or microfiber towel to wipe off. Continue to use a clean side of cloth to wipe off remaining wax. If the product gets on black plastic trim, do not be concerned. Glanz Wax will not leave a white residue or chalky remains.

Continue the process section by section until the entire car is completed. Note: you might notice streaks on the paint from the wax. This is usually the result of using too much product. Simply spray the paintwork surface with water and re-buff with a clean towel or microfiber.