Dog Lovers Dream

A dog lover's dream is to be able to share all the great things in your life.  With a few precautions it is now possible to have your cake and eat it too.  Any MINI is naturally a great car to share with your 2 legged friends, so why not also share with your 4 legged ones.  Even our most loved and pampered pets can adversely affect the interior of your car.  The various options available can do it all; protect your pet from interior hazards by smoothing out cracks and crevices where they might get stuck, and also protect your car by providing removable, easy to clean/replace mats and carpets.

Numerous options are available.  If you have a small or even large pet and simply want to allow them in the back seat of your hatchback but want to protect both them and the seat covers.... we have the answer.  If you also want to shade your pet from the hot rays of the sun during long trips or very hot days..... we have the answer.  If you want to allow a lot of space and dedicate the entire rear area of your MINI hatchback, MINI Clubman or MINI Countryman....we have the answer.   See below for product details