DQ gives away a MINI - Mini Mania

Most people are content with M&Ms or cookie dough on top of their Dairy Queen Blizzards.
Nick Kallies of Golden Valley, Missouri topped his with a Mini Cooper.

Kallies was one of six people to win cars in the restaurant chain's Mini Blizzard TREATment contest. The contest asked entrants to produce and submit a video featuring the Dairy Queen dessert. Kallies received a Mini Cooper Countryman yesterday.

“I got an email and walked over to my friend," Kallies recalled. "He was holding something in his hands, so I took it from him, put it on the floor and said 'Give me a hug.' He did, though he didn’t know why, and then I told him we won. We had a celebratory moment.”

Kallies, who is also on the staff of River Valley Church in Apple Valley, worked on the video with his employer, Tom Poch. The two used a concept they had tested before—giving a child a marshmallow and asking them to defer from eating it for a bigger reward. The two plan to sell the car they won and split the money.

“I’m going to use the money to pay my college loans and get out of debt,” Kallies said with pride. A guitarist, Kallies is a recent graduate of the music program at North Central University in Minneapolis.

“We thought we had a chance to win,” he said, “but once we made it to the top 24, we were so excited.”

His favorite Mini Blizzard flavor?

“Oreo and Butterfinger—though not together!” he said.