Hi gang, its Brendan from Mini Mania, and today's video is just a reminder that Mini Mania sells spare tires. So, for those of you who had run flats on your car or you've maybe swapped over the run flats to the standard wheel and tires, we sell the spare tires that you don't have.

They're available these are original BMW Steel's, they are mounted and balanced. So this would be like an OEM factory type replacement.

We even have carrying bags so you know that you can get for your spares and you can throw them and right in the back of your hatchback. And they're available in all of the various bolt patterns and sizes for all generations of the new mini.

So, if you need one of these, you can go to our website and just type in spare tire in the search term on the new mini site. And that way, for those of you who don't have a factory spare, you no longer have to rely on a can of fix-a-flat or a wrecker to get you to your location and your destination just because you've got a flat tire.

Click the link to find a complete line of Spare Tires and Accessories for your MINI Cooper.