The following is an email from a happy customer to our sales manager, Eric Gibbons


Overall it was a great weekend. I have attached a few pictures of the car in context, I will forward action shots later as soon as I get them from Colourtech-South.

Mini Cooper black race carThe addition of the LSD was definitely effective and the advantage of the gearing change was much more evident here. It pulled through the turns with absolutely no understeer until 20 minutes into a session and hot tires. I was able to get to an average of 15 mph faster on the straights and get to a terminal velocity of 125 mph on the back straight going into turn 17, before I did not get to above 105. I was able to run 2:48 average times with 2:45 being my best. Maybe when I learn how to drive this new set up I will get a slightly better time. I had a little issue trying to go to 5th and almost went to 3rd but caught it in time, but looked out for that issue, as it seemed to want to happen more often than not. There were 3 BMW Works minis on site, they were lapping at an average of 2:58, and I was faster on the average anywhere on the track, and in the head to head lapping I was able to catch up and allowed to pass to each one. I was not able to use the Cryo as I could not get it filled prior to the weekend.

We got many visitors inquiring about my Minis set-up. I had the Mini Mania on the side windows and the powered by on the sides. They were pretty impressed with the package and how fast the car was.