Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will these badges work with other grill badge holders?

A. The Dome badges will magnetically mount to other badge holders that are metal and have a 3" diameter.  We do not recommend mounting our 3D badges to other mounts due to their additional weight.  The 3D mounting system includes a security ring to ensure badges are not lost.


Q. Will my badges from other manufactures work with 3D mounting kit?

A. Yes, the 3D mounting kit is designed to fit other company's badges as well  as our dome badges and 3D badges.


Q. I have the dual badge holder for the license plate from another manufacture. Will your mounting kit  fit?

A. Yes, you can attach the 3D mounting kit to the license plate badge holder with a screw. the 3D mounting kit has a center hole which will allow you fasten together. 

Q. Can these badges go through a car wash?

A. Yes. the 3D Mounting System firmly mounts the badges via the security ring so they will not fall off like other badge holder systems.


Q. Do I Need a mounting kit?

A. Yes and No.  Dome badges can be placed on any metal surface of your car or truck.  Be creative!  If you want to mount to your grill then the 3D mounting kit is needed. However, we do not recommend placing 3D badges without our mounting kit due to their additional weight.


Q. Will the 3D mounting kit stay secure on my grill?

A. We have tested the 3D mounting system in many conditions with great success.  However, as cars do experience many harsh weather and temperature conditions we recommend periodically testing to make sure your 3D mounting kit is still as firmly mounted as when you first place it on your grill.  If for some reason it feels a little loose, simply remove the security ring, remove your badge and tighten down on the mounting strap.


Q. Can I mount my 3D mounting system on places other than my car grill?

A. Yes.  the 3D mounting system makes it possible to mount on roof racks, bikes, motorcycles, boats etc.  We encourage you to be creative.


Q. Can the 3D mounting system be positioned easily?

A. One of the unique qualities of GoBadges is experimenting with where on your grill they look their best.  You can move them around or add more then one for fun.


Q. How do I clean these badges?

A. Both the dome badges and 3D laser cut acrylic badges are dishwasher safe.  Simply place in silverware basket and run on gentle.  For a quicker clean, a soft cloth and a mild soap and water will clean up your dome badges very well.