Better Brakes Better Brakes: Upgrading your brakes can improve their longevity, decrease stopping distance, and provide better performance in extreme conditions. Your MINI is not only safer, but it looks fairly swank as well.
(Part number G2NMB2005)
Sprint Booster Sprint Booster: Not just for suped-up performace MINIs: simply, it makes driving fun again. Get rid of the delay you get with new electronic accelleration systems. With these, you just get going faster from a stop. After you install sprint booster, you'll feel a huge difference the first time you hit the gas. See our product review and instructional video at
(Part number SPRMI001)
Improved Intake Improved Intake: An upgraded intake means more air-flow to your engine. More air means more usable power and acceleration throughout the engine's RPM range.
(Part number G2NME2015)
Exhaust Manifold Exhaust Manifold: An upgraded exhaust manifold will decrease air flow resistance or back pressure in your engine and increase the power output.
(Part number NME1124)
Performance Exhaust System Performance Exhaust System: An upgraded exhaust system eliminates the downstream catalytic converter and provides a free flow muffler for that reduced back pressure. It will give you a gain of 10 - 12 hp over the stock design.
(Part number G2NME1002)
Tighter Suspension Tighter Suspension: In this suspension upgrade kit, the rear anti-sway bar improves cornering balance, the carbon fiber front strut brace helps maintain the front suspension geometry, the adjustable coilovers optimize control, and height adjustable spring perches allows your MINI to sit slightly lower, or very low.
(Part number NMK3107)
Killer Wheels Borrani Killer Wheels: We know its the dream upgrade, but we'd be remiss if we didn't include gorgeous Borrani wire wheels on our list of best performance upgrades. These classic Italian wheels are hand-crafted from aluminum alloy (at least 25% lighter than steel) and are likely to be seen on Ferraris and Maseratis.
(Part number G2NMW5000)
Performance Tires Performance Tires: Great tires enhance steering response and increase cornering traction. They resist hydroplaning in wet conditions and help distribute the footprint pressure your MINI more evenly on the road. If you want better control, you can't overlook how much your tires contribute to performance.
(Part number TIRE-PACKAGE)
Rear/Front Strut Braces Strut Braces for Front & Rear: Added to the engine compartment, these give the MINI additional stability by reducing body vibrations and help maintain suspension geometry in the corners.
(Part number G2NMS2000)
Pulley Kit SprintBooster & Pulley COMBO Kit: Supercharges your MINI with a pulley kit: a 15% reduction in the pulley diameter iof your MINI Cooper S results in a dyno-measured gain of over 20 horsepower at the wheels. And you achieve maximum boost at lower RPM, giving more power in the mid-range.
(Part number NMK1802)