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Tpms Tire Pressure Monitor Valve Stem - Mini Cooper And S

Tpms Tire Pressure Monitor Valve Stem - Mini Cooper And S

Tpms Tire Pressure Monitor Valve Stem - Mini Cooper And S
This is the factory repalcement valve stem that works with the new Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor (TPMS). If you choose to install aftermarket wheels on your 2007-09/2009 MINI Cooper and Cooper S, and your MINI has the new TPMS system, you will need to install these TPMS Valves along with the Sensors (NMW7613) in your new wheel.

This sensor is compatible with the following TPMS equipped MINIs:
2007-09/2009 R56 Cooper and Cooper S Hatchback
2008-09/2009 R55 Cooper and Cooper S CLUBMAN
2009-09/2009 R57 Cooper and Cooper S Convertible

Your aftermarket wheels must be designed to properly accept direct TPMS sensors. Its a flat spot in the saftey hump, directly behind the valve stem hole. Check with your wheel supplier to confirm compatibility.

You will need 4 each of these valve stems and sensor module (NMW7613).

The TPMS system works with a pressure-sensor module within the valve stems of all four wheels that sends continuous radio-frequency signals to a receiver, and the system informs occupants when the pressure is low.

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