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Mini Cooper Struts Shocks Koni Sport Gen1 R50 R52 R53

Mini Cooper Struts Shocks Koni Sport Gen1 R50 R52 R53

Mini Cooper Struts Shocks Koni Sport Gen1 R50 R52 R53

Mini Cooper Struts Shocks Koni Sport Gen1 R50 R52 R53

Mini Cooper Struts Shocks Koni Sport Gen1 R50 R52 R53
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Upgrade your MINI suspension with KONI adjustable shocks for improved ride control and improved handling. Compatible with original equipment springs or with a performance spring upgrade. KONI has long been a leader in performance shock technology.


2002-2006 R50 MINI Cooper and R53 Cooper S Hatchback
2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper and S Convertibles

At the softest setting (recommended for stock springs), these shocks offer slightly softer compression with a slightly stiffer rebound. Eliminates the 'bounciness' with the stock shocks. Depending on your driving style, you can stiffen the shocks for more spirited driving or track applications.

Last but not least, KONl's shocks are built to last a lifetime. Once you have bought a set of KONl's shocks for your car, they usually will outlive it. KONI street shocks carry a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser for as long as you own the vehicle.Sold as a pair.

Select Front or Rear Pair.

KONI is the premier manufacturer of adjustable shocks in the world. Our shocks are made from the highest quality raw materials and machined to the highest tolerances. This quality allows KONI North America to offer a limited lifetime warranty on our shocks.

KONI today is recognized as the quality shock absorber maker par excellence, focusing solely on high-performance suspension damping technology for cars, racing, trucks, buses, RVs and railway rolling stock. From our 20,000 square foot facility near Cincinnati, Ohio, KONI services include technical support, customer service, product development, fabrication and distribution.

As the maker of the industry's very first adjustable shock absorber, electronic drag racing shocks and today's patented FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) street shocks, KONI has long demonstrated that product improvement means product innovation.

As a niche maker of high-performance shocks, KONI is small enough to interact with its customers on a regular basis, even having a Tech Line staffed every working day with KONI technicians, many of whom are car enthusiasts just like you. What this means is that you receive the personal attention missing in most product businesses today.

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