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Mini Cooper Lowering Spring Set Gen1 R50 R53

Mini Cooper Lowering Spring Set Gen1 R50 R53

Mini Cooper Lowering Spring Set Gen1 R50 R53

Mini Cooper Lowering Spring Set Gen1 R50 R53

Mini Cooper Lowering Spring Set Gen1 R50 R53
Part No: NMS1004
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Why change your springs? Performance minded MINI Cooper drivers want the best they can get! These spring sets from Germany will give your MINI improved dynamic handling, better cornering and a more aggressive appearance. This means better appearance with maximum driving comfort in normal operation and sporty, progressive tuning at the operating limits. The special driving dynamics are achieved by the innovative spring design.

Fits the following models:

04/2002-2006 R50 MINI Cooper and R53 Cooper S Hatchback
2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertible

Mini Mania has many years of experience in performance tuning and this expertise has now been applied to the New MINI Cooper. This Spring Set is designed for the aggressive street driver who may want to take his or her MINI Cooper or MINI Cooper S to the track from time to time. These springs lower ride height approximately 1", providing improved handling while retaining excellent ride quality. Spring rates have been optimized and are similar to factory rates.

These Lowering Springs are made in Europe and TUV tested with original equipment manufacture ( OEM ) quality and carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Springs are produced using special oil tempered spring alloys, using the cold coiling process machinery. This achieves low spring weight with high material strength and the desired effect of uniformly reducing the un-spring weight of the vehicle by optimizing the handling performance characteristics. Suspension springs are tempered, shoot peened and preset to ensure a consistent supension function and ride height. Low grade value brand springs will loose length with dynamic inpact, but not these.

The reduction of the spring travel demands a specific spring characteristic, derived from Motorsports. These Compound-Springs consist of two different spring rates: a starting and an end rate. These are specially calibrated for your MINI's balance and interacting characteristics resulting in a well-balanced driving comfort and more sportive dynamics.

Each spring is precisely measured to insure uniformity and performance to Mini Mania's specs. Set of four springs can be used with either stock or upgraded shocks. For MINIs with build date March 2, 2002 and later.

NOTE: Lowering springs will add negative camber to the rear. For best results, you should add adjustable rear control arms to correct the rear camber after lowering your car. If you choose not to correct the rear camber, your rear tires will wear unevenly and require early replacement. The front camber is not affected. Install the rear adjustable control arms and have the alignment corrected.

You can find Adjustable Rear Control Arms here..


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