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Prima Care - Car Care Gift Set

Prima Care - Car Care Gift Set

Prima Care - Car Care Gift Set
Car care gift set from PRIMA, consists of top quality products for maximum care for the MINI.

Prima Car Care is an exclusive line of car care products custom-tailored to the most demanding auto aficionado.

The formulas are unique. Great lengths were taken, and no expense spared, in order to create a family of products second to none. Thoughtful design even went into the packaging. The bottles are short and wide for a reason. A solid base and low center of gravity means you are less likely to tip over your glass cleaner as you reach for your QD. If we put this much thought into the package, image what we did with what goes into the bottle.

Includes the following products:

Prima Clarity Glass Cleaner
Prima Mystique Auto Wash
Prima Hydro Dry & Wax Spray
Prima Nero Vinyl & Rubber Protectant
Prima Amigo Polymer Glaze

Prima Clarity

Clarity is a powerful glass and plastic cleaner. It contains neither alcohol nor ammonia, making it safe on tinted windows and soft plastics. Clarity is quite streak-free. It cuts through grime, gunk and vinyl off-gassing with remarkable ease. Pair Clarity with our glass cleaning cloth for a combo that makes glass cleaning quick, tidy and almost pleasurable.

Prima Mystique

Mystique Auto Wash is a concentrated wash solution that lubricates the surface as safely lifts dirt and sheets it away. Unique polymers brighten the paint while leaving it feeling slick and conditioned. With regular use, you will notice your wax lasting longer and looking better. As you rinse Mystique from the surface of your vehicle, keep an eye on the glass and you will see tight beads as the water flows across it.

Prima Hydro

Prima Hydro is a remarkably durable wax-as-you-dry spray. The polymer structure means your vehicle's finish is left glossy, slick and well-protected. Hydro is so high in polymer that it actually cures over time. 24 hours later you'll have an even slicker and glossier finish! You'll be amazed at how well it repels dust too.

Prima Nero

Prima Nero is a water-based vinyl, rubber, and plastic protectant and dressing for both interior and exterior surfaces. The appeal of Nero is its finish: it's a concours-look with a matte silkiness on vinyl dashes and plastic trim. Nero leaves tires with a look of newness, adding almost no gloss. If you are looking for the glazed donut shine, Prima Nero is not for you. UV inhibitors help defend against sun damage. Prima Nero is detergent resistant for excellent durability.

Prima Amigo

What exactly is Prima Amigo? It really defies definition and product categorization. As the car companies like to say, it's a segment buster.

However, we still need to describe Prima Amigo; Amigo is a paintwork cleanser...It is a polymer-based glaze...It is a super-fine polish which levels up to 3000 grit imperfections. Combine all three properties and you can see why we think it doesn't fall into any currently defined categories of car care product.

Mild cleaners in Amigo break up oxidation and remove dead paint. Embedded grime is gently lifted from the surface. Mineral deposits from water spots disappear. It is the perfect prep-step for well-cared-for paint that just needs a cleaning before wax.

As a polymer-based glaze, it fills slight imperfections, adds stunning gloss while leaving the finish slick to the touch. The unique thing about Amigo is the polymer. Although it doesn?t provide protection the way Prima Epic will, it does allow you to go directly to your wax step without any bonding or durability issues. Try that with a normal glaze and your protection will simply rinse off. Prima Amigo allows you to fill imperfections, add gloss then seal it in with your synthetic wax. No other product on the market gives you what Prima Amigo gives you.

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Created: December 12, 2013
Mini Detailing Keep your Classic Mini or MINI Cooper looking shiny and new with our large selection of car care products. From the interior to the exterior of your precious car we have what you need to get the job finished. Questions? Please contact us at 1-800-946-264
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