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Oem Oil Filter/wrench/drain Plug/book Kit - Cooper & S 02-06

Oem Oil Filter/wrench/drain Plug/book Kit - Cooper & S 02-06

Oem Oil Filter/wrench/drain Plug/book Kit - Cooper & S 02-06
Part No: NMK2076
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Now you can do routine oil changes on your own BMW MINI Cooper & S. This convenient kit includes a hard-to-find 3/8" drive oil filter housing wrench (see NME1051, two new oil drain plugs with gaskets (see NME1052), and two genuine BMW MINI Cooper & S oil filters (see NME1050). All this AND the book "MOTORING - GETTING THE MAXIMUM FROM YOUR NEW MINI".

NOTE: The hole at the bottom of the oil filter will appear much smaller than the shaft in the filter base - this is NORMAL and CORRECT. If you press the filter into the base, the hole will 'stretch' over the shaft. This is a design feature to ensure a tight seal so the oil does not bypass the filter.

Remember to use sythetic motor oil. MINI recommends 5W-40 or 5W-30 FULL SYNTHETIC motor oil.

To reset the oil change interval in your MINI, see oil service reset.

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