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Mini Cooper S Intercooler Upgrade With Sprint Booster Gen1 R52 R53

Mini Cooper S Intercooler Upgrade With Sprint Booster Gen1 R52 R53

Mini Cooper S Intercooler Upgrade With Sprint Booster Gen1 R52 R53
Part No: NMK1701
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Improve Intercooler efficiency and throttle response with this Unique and Effective Intercooler and Sprint Booster package!

For 2002-2006 R53 MINI Cooper S Hatchback and 2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper S Convertible.


Forge Motorsport's Performance oversized Air-to-Air Intercoler Upgrade reduces inlet temperatures compared to the stock intercooler, reducing power lost to heat. As the inlet temperature is reduced, the air becomes 'more dense' packing a greater number of O2 molecules, which results in a more powerful combustion. This nets more horsepower to the wheels!

While the factory intercooler does an 'adequate' job with the stock supercharger, there is room for improvement.

Forge's development program included the use of many types of Intercooler core and end tank designs. At the initial stages they ran two development projects alongside each other, one an air to air Intercooler and the other an air to water Chargecooler system. The air to air development achieved significantly improved temperature reductions in comparison, which convinced them to solely concentrate on this option.

With this Intercooler offering up to a 29% reduction over the original equipment it is a must for those wishing to increase engine power!

For more information on the Intercooler Upgrade, see NME4600.


The Sprint Booster is a Plug-n-Play Performance Upgrade for your Model Year 2002 or later MINI. This is an upgrade that you can feel with normal everyday driving, not just on the track at redline like most other performance upgrades!

Most cars in the 21st century have replaced the more conventional throttle cable for an ECM (Electronic Control Module) that translates how hard the pedal is pushed into electronic signals in order to provide power to the wheels.

The ETC (Electronic Throttle Control), which is also known as Drive-By-Wire, has the unfortunate downside of delayed response and subdued acceleration, which can create problems in certain situations such as up-hill starts, quick gearchanges and overtaking.

SprintBooster overcomes this throttle response delay for your vehicle by providing crisp, on-tap acceleration for whenever the driver demands it.

Get more from your vehicle, fit a SprintBooster today! Results:

# At low revs, the engine responds at approximately half the time in comparison to before.

# The delay time whilst accelerating in 3rd and 4th gear and the engine in the mid-range, is almost zero.

# Big differences in the higher rev range.

# Improved response for downshifts and safer overtaking.

# Overall safety and more fun on the road!

For more information on the Sprint Booster, see SPR2095.

NOTE: Some states (like California) have ever tightening requirements for emissions testing and inspections. Always check your local regulations on compliance for street use.

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