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Aisin Automatic Transmission Fluid Type T-iv - Equivalent To Jws3309

Aisin Automatic Transmission Fluid Type T-iv - Equivalent To Jws3309

Aisin Automatic Transmission Fluid Type T-iv - Equivalent To Jws3309
Automatic transmission fluid Type T-IV from AISIN, the manufacturer of the GA6F21 6-speed automatic transmission in your automatic transmission equipped MINI. This transmission fluid is equivalent to the factory JWS3309 transmission fluid. 1 liter bottle.

Compatible with the following models with the GA6F21WA 6-speed Automatic Transmission:

2002-2006 R53 Cooper S Hatchback (not for Cooper non-S)
2005-2008 R52 Cooper S Convertibles (not for Cooper non-S)
2007- current R56 Cooper & Cooper S Hatchback
2008- current R55 Cooper & Cooper S CLUBMAN
2009- current R57 Cooper & Cooper S Convertible
2011- current R60 Cooper & Cooper S COUNTRYMAN
2012- current R58 Cooper & Cooper S COUPE
2012- current R59 Cooper & Cooper S Roadster

AISIN is the largest manufacturer of Automatic Transmissions in the world. By applying decades of knowledge, experience, and development in cooperation with vehicle manufacturers, AISIN has developed a state of the art ATF that will maximize performance and longevity of automotive transmissions.

[ ] Aisin’s specific formula developed by the #1 manufacturer of Japanese ATF’s is engineered and designed specifically for Aisin transmissions.

[ ] Excellent flow and temperature characteristics ensure smooth engagement in any weather condition.

[ ] Optimally engineered for smooth shifting without shift shock. Fluid friction coefficiency reduces drivetrain power loss, which enables better start and acceleration.

DON'T POLLUTE! Dispose of used oil at an authorized collection facility.

This fluid is NOT compatible with the Cooper (non-S) CVT automatic transmission.


[ ] Pan removal requires 4 liters to refill.
[ ] Torque converter replacement reuires 4.5 liters to refill.
[ ] Transmission replacement requires 6 liters to refill.

Approximate capacity (not including torque converter): 4.5 liters (4.8 US qt.)

Plug Torque:

M10 - 27 Nm (20 ft-lb)
M14 - 23.5 + 10 Nm (17 + 7 ft-lb)
M18 - 23.5 + 10 Nm (17 + 7 ft-lb)

For the MINI factory Automatic Transmission Fluid, see NMG7302.

For the MINI factory Manual Transmission Fluid, see NMG7300-P.

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