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Mini Cooper Camshaft, High Performance Upgrade 2002-2006 Cooper S

Mini Cooper Camshaft, High Performance Upgrade 2002-2006 Cooper S

Mini Cooper Camshaft, High Performance Upgrade 2002-2006 Cooper S
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Ground to Mini Mania's exacting specifications by a major OEM camshaft supplier, this high performance camshaft increases horsepower and torque throughout the RPM range. Similar performance to the Schrick camshaft at a lower cost. The camshaft can be used with the stock or ported cylinder head and stock valve springs. A great way to improve performance without disassembling the motor – a difference you can feel!

Fits 2002-2006 R53 Cooper S, and the 2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper S Convertibles.

Intake: Duration 264, Lift 9.5mm, overlap 0.5, peak timing 114, open at 18, close at 66.

Exhaust: Duration 272, Lift 9.0mm, overlap 0.65, peak timing 114, open at 70, close at 22.

Professional installation is recommended.

NOTE: As with other performance camshafts, Spark plug tubes may require minor clearancing. Click here for instructions.

Check local regulations on conformity for street use.

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This was my final power mod to my R53. It just makes all the other money I spent on my other mods so worth it! Pros - the power is exactly as advertised, mid power range to the red line is for a better word AWESOME. It pulls hard, I have an auto so when shifting the auto transmission takes a second to fully engage the power. Never seen that before Cons - Only con and this is because I have replaced all motor mounts with hard poly urethane. I have cabin vibrations that are more noticeable and on idle and lower rpms. But personally ... I don't care and I will go through the car to find the vibrations and fix them.
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