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Performance Foam Intake Air Filter - R50/52 Mini Cooper

Performance Foam Intake Air Filter - R50/52 Mini Cooper

Performance Foam Intake Air Filter - R50/52 Mini Cooper

Performance Foam Intake Air Filter - R50/52 Mini Cooper

Performance Foam Intake Air Filter - R50/52 Mini Cooper
The Foam Element replaces the OE filter with washable, reusable foam for better air flow and performance. There is no easier way to pick up horsepower than to simply change your air filter. This high-tech filter will not only reduce the dirt getting into your engine, but the air flow increase will result in a consistent performance increase over the entire RPM range.

The Filter comes pre-oiled ready to install.

Fits the following Cooper (non-S) models:

2005-2006 R50 MINI Cooper Hatchback with Manual Transmission
2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper Convertible with Manual Transmission

For 2002-2006 Cooper S Hatchback and 2005-2008 Cooper S Convertible, see NME2101.

The principle of how foam air filters work is simple: "Open Cell" Polyurethane Foam is wetted with specially developed filter oil. The "sticky" filter oil is suspended in the path of the dirty air on the strands of the web-like cell structure of the foam. This makes it impossible for dirt to pass through the depth of the filter without sticking to the strands. As the outer strands become loaded with dirt particles, the wetted strands down stream start trapping dirt, allowing the entire thickness to be utilized. This prevents surface loading or air restriction for 80% of the service life of the air filter element. When the filter is sufficiently dirty, it can be easily washed, re-oiled, and re-used.

This is also the foam element used in Mini Mania Cold Air Intake System for the 2004-2005 Mini Cooper, part number NME2002.

For periodic maintenance, use the foam filter maintenance kit NME2000.

To clean the filter:

A) Gently knock all the crud off the filter before you apply an air filter cleaning agent.

B) Spray generous amounts of Cleaner on the inside & outside of the filter. Let it soak approximately 3-4 minutes. Rinse out the filter element in warm water until clean. A second application may be necessary for heavily soiled elements. Next you must let the filter dry completely. Very important! Re-oil per instructions, and you are ready to go.

C) Spray the filter inside and out until the filter has complete coverage with oil. Next work the oil into the foam using your hands. Repeat this step once more, and then dab filter with paper towels to remove excess oil. If your filter has a rubber mount flange, be sure to clean the mounting surface free of oil.

Technical Information:
Air Intake for MINI Cooper
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What’s the big deal about a ‘cold air intake system’ for the MINI Cooper S?  Most MINI Cooper S owners are interested in further improving performance on this already sporty high performance car. A properly designed cold air intake system is a great start at doing just that.   So why ‘cold air’?  Internal combustion engines require air and fuel to burn. The more efficient this process is, the more horsepower can be developed. An average engine can use more than 15,000 gallons of air for every gallon of fuel. The supercharged MINI Cooper S will typically need 20% more air than a normally aspirated engine!  Cold air is much denser then warm air. Cooler, or cold air holds more oxygen per cubic foot. More oxygen in the intake “charge” yields more power developed in each combustion cycle. Thus, you’re getting more horsepower with the same or better fuel economy. The MINI Cooper S gets its intake air through two paths. A duct from the grille area provides direct airflow to the lower portion of the stock air box. In addition, air flows into the rear of the air box from air flow through the drivers side (left side) cowl vent. Common practice is to enlarge this inlet area to allow more pressurized air flow to the filter enclosure. This only solves part of the restriction problem however.

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