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Microfiber Towel All Purpose 2-pak 16in X 16in Red & Green

Microfiber Towel All Purpose 2-pak 16in X 16in Red & Green

Microfiber Towel All Purpose 2-pak 16in X 16in Red & Green
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Microfiber All Purpose Super Soft Towels 2-Pak - this bundle includes two towels, one red and one green, each at 16' x 16".

This new technology is revolutionizing the detailing world. Whether you choose the "Belgian Waffle Drying Towel", Glass Towel, or the Ultimate Super Soft Plush Towel, ...you will find the job gets done quickly, with less effort, and with spectacular results!

Microfiber is a man-made material that combines two fibers, polyester and polyamide. The polyester gives the material strength and durability, the polyamide allows the fabric to be tremendously absorbent and quick drying.

These New upgraded microfiber towels have over 200,000 strands of fiber per square inch. One strand of this Ultra Microfiber is 10 times finer than silk and 100 times smaller than a human hair. It is softer, finer and more absorbent than any other Microfiber or conventional cloth available today. And,it absorbs seven times its weight in moisture.

Caring for any of these microfiber towels is easy. Wash the cloth in the washing machine with a microfiber detergent like the Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator or the Micro-Restorer . Line dry or dry in the clothes dryer on low heat.

For other MicroFiber products, see this link.

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Created: December 12, 2013
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