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Mini Cooper S Intercooler Upgrade Wagner Gen3 F56 F55 F54 F57

Mini Cooper S Intercooler Upgrade Wagner Gen3 F56 F55 F54 F57

Mini Cooper S Intercooler Upgrade Wagner Gen3 F56 F55 F54 F57

Mini Cooper S Intercooler Upgrade Wagner Gen3 F56 F55 F54 F57

Mini Cooper S Intercooler Upgrade Wagner Gen3 F56 F55 F54 F57

Mini Cooper S Intercooler Upgrade Wagner Gen3 F56 F55 F54 F57

Mini Cooper S Intercooler Upgrade Wagner Gen3 F56 F55 F54 F57
Part No: G3NME3160
Internet Price $750.95
This is a Special Priced Item

MINI Cooper Competition Intercooler Upgrade from Wagner, the German Specialist in Performance Intercooler and Downpipe solutions. The Wagner Intercooler improves efficiency, lowers combustion temperatures, and reduces power loss from excessive intake temperatures - the net result is more power at the wheels!

Fits the following Gen3 Cooper S models:

2014-2020 F56 MINI Cooper S Hardtop
2015-2020 F55 MINI Cooper S Hardtop 4-Door
2016-2020 F54 MINI Cooper S Clubman

NOTE:  NOT compatible with JCW models or Cooper S models with the JCW Body Kit.

Have you noticed how your Turbo engine seems more powerful and responsive in cold weather? As the inlet temperature is reduced, the air becomes 'more dense' packing a greater number of O2 molecules.  This results in a more powerful combustion which means more horsepower to the wheels. Now you can have similar performance even on hot sunny days with this intercooler upgrade.

Unlike some performance engine upgrades, the Intercooler upgrade actually reduces the thermal loads on the engine because it greatly improves the efficiency of the intercooler over the stock unit.  The lower inlet air tempertures helps to reduce the combustion temperatures which means less heat stress on the internal engine components.  Whether you have a stock Mini or a track prepared Mini, this intercooler upgrade will lower the intake air temperature better than the stock unit. 

The Intercooler upgrade becomes more critical if you have a modified Mini producing more power.  The stock unit was designed to dissipate a certain amount of heat based on the power output of the stock engine.  The stock intercooler becomes insufficient to dissipate the additional heat as the boost is increased, resulting in higher combustion temperatures.   In this case, the intercooler upgrade becomes more critical to preserve the durability of the engine.

Technically, the Intercooler upgrade does not 'add' horsepower, but it reduces the losses which results in a net power gain at the wheels. The engine basically 'retains' the horsepower normally lost to high inlet temperatures. The difference is pronounced on warmer days where normally, the car would feel 'sluggish'. If you live in colder climates (ie Alaska) - the difference in performance may be less noticeable. But if you live in warmer climates or have hot summers, it's worth it!


  • High-performance Intercooler Tube and Fin Core with turbulators in a stepped design
  • 53% larger frontal area and 52% more volume compared to the stock intercooler
  • Less pressure drop than stock intercooler
  • Cast aluminum CAD optimized endtanks for best possible internal airflow
  • Intercooler uses the original mounting points
  • Anti Corrosion protective coating with perfect thermal heat dissipation character
  • Only weighs 9.2 kg
  • Simple installation - NO cutting required!
   Stock Intercooler Wagner Intercooler 
 Dimensions  585mm x 150mm x 95mm 580mm x 231mm x 110mm
 Volume 8.3 liter  12.6 liter 
 Frontal Area 877.5 cm2  1340 cm2 

About Wagner Tuning

Founded in 1993 in Germany, the company started off as a speed shop in 2007 and transformed into a manufacturing and designing shop for inter-coolers,downpipes, intakes and exhaust manifolds. With the business doing great in Germany and the high demand for products here in the states, they decided to open up a US office located in California to stock products reducing delivery times.

Using only the best technology to design products, the Faro 7axis scan arm with laser scanner and stratasys rapid prototype printer and the latest cad & fem Software is utilized to develop quality products. This way every product design is 100% accurate on fitment and allows the largest inter-coolers that can fit without major modifications to your vehicle. Product development is performed here in the states with complete in house design and engineering capabilities.

Product comes with a 5-year manufacturers limited warranty.

NOTE: Some states (like California) have ever tightening and constantly evolving requirements for emissions testing and inspections. Always check your current local regulations on compliance for street use.  

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