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Mini Cooper & S Front License Plate Holder Platypus Pro

Mini Cooper & S Front License Plate Holder Platypus Pro

Mini Cooper & S Front License Plate Holder Platypus Pro
Install front license plate WITHOUT drilling holes in your bumper! This ingenious PLATYPUS PRO SERIES license plate bracket uses the front tow hook attachment point for a nice clean look.


[ ] Threads built into the plate making it easier to attach the license plate
[ ] The whole plate has steel backing so that it does cannot be bent
[ ] The plate is angled to match the bumper
[ ] Only 7-pieces in the kit to greatly simplify installation (the plate and 2 pieces of hardware, and 4 screws for the plate)

A newly updated design allows the plate to mount at an 'angle' which allows it to sit closer to the bumper.


Designed for the following models:

2007-2013 R56 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop
2008-2014 R55 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Clubman
2009-2015 R57 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertible
2012-2015 R58 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Coupe
2012-2015 R59 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Roadster
2011-2016 R60 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Countryman
2011-2016 R61 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Paceman

Also for 2007-2010 Models with the JCW Body Kit

Also fits:

2002-2006 R50 MINI Cooper and R53 Cooper S Hatchback
2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper and S Convertible

There are 3 different versions of the Platypus:

  • 2007-2010 models
  • 2011-2014 models (excluding the Countryman & Paceman)
  • 2011-2016 R60 Countryman & 2013-2016 R61 Paceman

Select accordingly.

For the 2014 F56 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop, see G3NMX7300.

For another option, see NMA2501.

What's the difference between this 'PLATYPUS' G2NMX7300 unit and the 'No Holes' NMA2501 unit?

We get this question asked a lot - functionally, they both work very well. Many people make their selection based on their personal preference for the material and finidh - Powdercoat Black vs. Stainless Steel. The Platypus Pro uses far fewer pieces, greatly simplifying the installation. Either way, they are both great products.

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Created: July 27, 2015
Mini Cooper Platypus License Plate Holder. For MINI owners living in areas that require the front license plate, but don't want to drill holes in the front bumper, the Platypus is your answer.
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