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Mini Cooper S Carbon Fiber Front Splitter R52 R53 R55 R56 R57

Mini Cooper S Carbon Fiber Front Splitter R52 R53 R55 R56 R57

Mini Cooper S Carbon Fiber Front Splitter R52 R53 R55 R56 R57

Mini Cooper S Carbon Fiber Front Splitter R52 R53 R55 R56 R57

Mini Cooper S Carbon Fiber Front Splitter R52 R53 R55 R56 R57
Carbon Fiber Front Splitter - Looks great and improves aerodynamics!

Hi quality carbon fiber front splitter increases down force for better stability at high speeds. Includes attachment system for increased stability.

Fits the following MINI Cooper S models with standard body (NO Aero kits or JCW body kits):

2002-2006 R53 Cooper S Hatchback
2005-2008 R52 Cooper S Convertibles
2007-2010 R56 Cooper S Hatchbacks
2008-2010 R55 Cooper S CLUBMAN
2009-2010 R57 Cooper S Convertibles

Instructions are not available for this product.

The 'raised area' on the top of the splitter are the areas that are attached to the bottom of the front lip.

You will need some self-tapping screws to attach the splitter to the bottom of the front lip. Once the splitter properly centered, you can drill some pilot holes for the screws and mount the splitter.

Once the splitter is attached to the bottom of the front lip, you can position and install the struts for additional support.

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Steve Scales Installation process
I removed the front bumper and flipped it upside down placing the splitter into the position I wanted. I drilled through the holes provided on the splitter into the bottom of the bumper cover. I then took (2) stainless sheet metal washers and (1) rubber washer per hole placing the stainless ones one the bottom of the splitter and inside top of the bumper. I placed the rubber washers between the splitter and the bumper cover to prevent the bumper from wearing into the splitter. In the middle of the splitter I needed a little thicker washer to make the splitter lie level across the bottom of the bumper. Stainless bolts and washers were used to fasten everything together. The hardware provided for the support bars loosened up and fell off within a day or two of driving. I purchased stainless nuts and bolts for those and applied Blue loc-tite and they have been fine. This is an R53 Cooper S built in 2003.
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