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Mini Cooper Coilover Kw Clubsport Strut Shock Gen2 R56 R58 R59

Mini Cooper Coilover Kw Clubsport Strut Shock Gen2 R56 R58 R59

Mini Cooper Coilover Kw Clubsport Strut Shock Gen2 R56 R58 R59
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Performance Coilover products from KW Automotive for MINI model! For many years, KW automotive GmbH is the epitome for premium products in car tuning and automobile refinement. KW offers its customers the largest suspension program world-wide. The entire assortment – from springs over sports suspensions to coilover suspensions “inox line” in three damping versions – such a variety of products is unsurpassed on the market. Moreover, KW automotive GmbH develops racing solutions for national and international motor sports. The racing program KW competition is successfully used by numerous racing teams on many race tracks around the world.

Fits the following Models:

2009-2011 R56 JCW Mini Cooper S Hardtop
2012-2015 R58 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Coupe
2012-2015 R59 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Roadster

KW Clupsport: Coilovers for Race Track and Road

KW Clubsport coilovers was developed for customers, who demand a better handling car when participating in track day events, but also require a setup that could be used every day. The Clubsport was specifically designed for the Nordschleife using track day tires. By using the optional adjustable top mounts, the suspension geometry can be adjusted to the requirements of tires and the intended use. The mentioned adjustment options combined with the independently adjustable rebound and compression damping technology allow a suspension setup according to the vehicle load, tire characteristics and different track conditions. KW Clubsport meets every demand regarding a coilover for the usage on the road and the race track.

KW Clubsport guarantees excellent handling, best performance, highest agility and fantastic lap times.

  • Height adjustable coilovers
  • Performance setup for the racetrack
  • Dampers in compression & rebound forces independently adjustable
  • Use of high performance linear race springs/li>
  • In stainless steel technology inox-line
  • Additional available with racing top mounts
  • TÜV approval possible depending on the specification
    (see references)

Front: 1.2" to 2.2"
Rear: 1.2" to 2.2"

Compression- and rebound adjustment

As far it is vehicle-specifically possible, the rebound damping is adjusted by a spindle at the end of the piston rod. Mainly, the traction phase (rebound) controls car body vibrations and also influences handling and comfort in the low-speed damping range. By using the traction phase adjustment, the vehicle can be adapted to the requirements of the driver. Moreover the driving behavior can be regulated from comfortably rolling to sporty and tense with improved road holding characteristics.

The compression phase adjustment is carried out at the lower end of the shock absorber via our patented multi-purpose valve. The large number of pre-set parameters of this valve allows for a wide range of adjustment for individual use. The unique low-speed compression adjustment significantly distinguishes this technology from any other. In this compression range, the driving behavior of the vehicle is drastically influenced. An increase of the damping power supports the vehicle already during compression and therefore avoids rolling and pitching. The directional stability is significantly improved.

Lowering the ride height will add negative camber to the rear. For best results, you should add adjustable rear control arms to correct the rear camber after lowering your car. If you choose not to correct the rear camber, your rear tires will wear unevenly. Install the rear adjustable control arms and have the alignment corrected.

You can find Adjustable Rear Control Arms here.


R56 Cooper Hardtop G2NMS3107 G2NMS3102 G2NMS3104  
R56 Cooper S Hardtop G2NMS3101 G2NMS3103 G2NMS3108  
R56 JCW Hardtop   G2NMS3116 G2NMS3117  G2NMS3131
R55 Cooper Clubman G2NMS3110 G2NMS3112 G2NMS3114  
R55 Cooper S Clubman G2NMS3100 G2NMS3113 G2NMS3115  
R57 Cooper Convertible G2NMS3110 G2NMS3112 G2NMS3114  
R57 Cooper S Convertible G2NMS3100 G2NMS3113 G2NMS3115  
R58 Cooper Coupe G2NMS3120 G2NMS3121 G2NMS3122 G2NMS3130
R58 Cooper S Coupe G2NMS3120 G2NMS3121 G2NMS3122 G2NMS3130
R59 Cooper Roadster G2NMS3120 G2NMS3121 G2NMS3122 G2NMS3130
R59 Cooper S Roadster G2NMS3120 G2NMS3121 G2NMS3122 G2NMS3130
R60 Cooper Countryman G2NMS3107 G2NMS3102 G2NMS3104  
R60 Cooper S Countryman G2NMS3101 G2NMS3103 G2NMS3108  
R61 Cooper Paceman G2NMS3107 G2NMS3102 G2NMS3104  
R61 Cooper S Paceman G2NMS3101 G2NMS3103 G2NMS3108  
R60 Countryman ALL4   G2NMS3106 G2NMS3105  
R61 Paceman ALL4   G2NMS3106 G2NMS3105  

NOTE: KW Clubsport Coilovers comes with NO warranty due to the extreme application which falls under the exclusion: "Any parts that are installed in vehicles that are used for race purposes, operated commercially, or used in off road conditions".

See the Mini Cooper Shock and Struts Application Guide for a listing of all non-factory shocks and struts.


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