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Mini Cooper Coilover H&r Street Performance R55 R56 R57 R58 R59

Mini Cooper Coilover H&r Street Performance R55 R56 R57 R58 R59

Mini Cooper Coilover H&r Street Performance R55 R56 R57 R58 R59
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H&R Coilovers - Street Performance Coilovers: H&R coil overs are engineered for street use. Unlike traditional twin-tube shock absorbers, H&R Coil Overs feature a state-of-the-art mono-tube gas shock construction. Combined with the knowledge and skill of H&R’s suspension engineers, the use of this state-of-the-art technology results in the best suspension product that you can buy for your vehicle.

Fits the following models:

2007-2013 R56 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop
2008-2014 R55 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Clubman
2009+ R57 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertible
2012+ R58 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Coupe
2012+ R59 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Roadster

There are 4 different versions of the Street Performance coilover that are model specific. Select from the following:

 R56 Cooper Hardtop  Type A      
 R56 Cooper S Hardtop    Type B    
 R56 JCW Hardtop     Type C  
 R55 Cooper Clubman      Type C  
 R55 Cooper S Clubman       Type D
 R57 Cooper Convertible     Type C   
 R57 Cooper S Convertible     Type C  
 R58 Cooper Coupe     Type C   
 R58 Cooper S Coupe      Type C  
 R58 Cooper Roadster      Type C  
 R58 Cooper S Roadster     Type C  

H&R Street Perfromance Coilover

H&R is the originator of the true coil over system for the street and continues to lead the market with an extensive line of applications. Each shock is tuned with a progressive rate spring that is engineered from its inception to work with the shock’s valving, creating a finely tuned suspension system. H&R Coil Overs are the suspension answer for everybody, from daily drivers to the serious tuner.


  • Unrivaled comfort, performance
  • Lowering range of 1.25"-1.8" front and 1.0"-1.75" rear
  • Fully threaded shock body for adjustable vehicle lowering
  • Awesome handling and ride comfort


Lowering the ride height will add negative camber to the rear. For best results, you should add adjustable rear control arms to correct the rear camber after lowering your car. If you choose not to correct the rear camber, your rear tires will wear unevenly. Install the rear adjustable control arms and have the alignment corrected.

You can find Adjustable Rear Control Arms here.

See the Mini Cooper Shock and Struts Application Guide for a listing of all non-factory shocks and struts.

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