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Mini Countryman Lowering Springs Vogtland Gen2 R60 R61

Mini Countryman Lowering Springs Vogtland Gen2 R60 R61

Mini Countryman Lowering Springs Vogtland Gen2 R60 R61
Part No: G2NMS1004
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Why change your springs? Performance minded MINI drivers want the best they can get! The MINI Cooper factory set-up is very good but is still a compromise for absolutely all drivers, even those that will regularly load four adults or only drive their MINI Cooper or MINI Cooper S to the theater.


2012-2016 R60 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Countryman
2013-2016 R61 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Paceman

This Spring Set manufactured in Germany, is designed for the performance minded street driver who may want to take his or her MINI to the track from time to time, for those who simply want the 'lower' look. These springs lower ride height approximately 1.4", providing improved handling while retaining excellent ride quality.

This means better appearance with maximum driving comfort in normal operation and sporty, progressive tuning on the track.

Designed and Manufactured by Vogtland in Germany, each spring is precisely measured to insure uniformity and performance. Springs are produced using special oil tempered spring steels of high tensile strength chrome-silicon and chrome-silicon-vanadium alloys using the cold coiling process. This achieves low spring weight with high material strength and the desired effect of uniformly reducing the un-sprung weight of the MINI optimizing ride handling characteristics.

NOTE: Lowering springs will add negative camber to the rear. For best results, you should add adjustable rear control arms to correct the rear camber after lowering your car. If you choose not to correct the rear camber, your rear tires will wear unevenly and require early replacement. The front camber is not affected. Install the rear adjustable control arms and have the alignment corrected.

You can find Adjustable Rear Control Arms here.



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Created: October 11, 2014
These spring sets will give your MINI improved dynamic handling, better cornering & aggressive appearance. Wide selection & great prices MiniMania.com
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