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Mini Cooper Spare Tire Kit R55 Clubman

Mini Cooper Spare Tire Kit R55 Clubman

Mini Cooper Spare Tire Kit R55 Clubman

Mini Cooper Spare Tire Kit R55 Clubman

Mini Cooper Spare Tire Kit R55 Clubman
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When changing from the 'runflat' tires to standard 'non runflat' tires on your R55 CLUBMAN Cooper S, you can store your Compact Emergency Spare tire underneath the rear floor board in back. This Kit includes spare tire and other accessories to properly store and secure the spare tire.


2008-2013 R55 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Clubman


  • The Tool tray also fits 2011-2014 R55 Clubmans, but the slot for the tow hook is about 1 inch too short. Everything else fits perfectly. If you don't mind having the tow hook not fit quite right on your 2011-2014, this kit works fine.
  • In order to ensure proper fitment of the tray, make sure you have a genuine MINI Cooper Compact Spare Tire. 'Similar' spares from other makes may prevent the tray from fitting flush with the floor.

Two kits are available:

[ ] Spare Tire, Retainer, and Tool Tray, or
[ ] Spare Tire, Retainer, and Tool Tray plus factory tool kit for changing tires.

See the following links for details on each component:

Compact Emergency Spare Tire
MINI Factory CLUBMAN Spare Tire Retainer
MINI Factory CLUBMAN Spare Tire Tool Tray
MINI Factory Tire Change Tools

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