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Stage 2 Performance Upgrade Kit Nm Exh - R60 Cooper S Countryman 2011+

Stage 2 Performance Upgrade Kit Nm Exh - R60 Cooper S Countryman 2011+

Stage 2 Performance Upgrade Kit Nm Exh - R60 Cooper S Countryman 2011+

Stage 2 Performance Upgrade Kit Nm Exh - R60 Cooper S Countryman 2011+

Stage 2 Performance Upgrade Kit Nm Exh - R60 Cooper S Countryman 2011+
Part No: G2NMK4025-P
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Select a Sprint Booster below for more information:
The Stage 1 kit for the MINI Countryman (including ALL4 models) blends the racing performance experience of Mini Mania with the demands of the enthusiastic MINI street driver.

Fits the following models:

2011-2016 R60 Cooper S Countryman including the ALL4

The NM Perfromance Cat-Back Exhaust system provides a gain in horsepower combined with the right amount of aggressive tones consistent with the performance image of the MINI Cooper S. The Hi-Flow Induction Kit allows the engine to develop more horsepower while providing superior protection against dirt and debris, extending the engine life. Power gains expected should approach 15-18HP (your results may vary).

Add the Optional Sprint Booster to this kit for greatly improved throttle response. The Sprint Booster makes day-to-day driving 'more fun'. Although it does not increase horsepower, your MINI will 'feel' faster. The Sprint Booster installs in about 15 minutes with no modifications to the car. Read more about the Sprint Booster here.

Sprint Booster is unique to the type of transmission - select manual or automatic from the Image List below or to the right to match the transmission on your COUNTRYMAN.


Constructed from 100% aerospace quality T304 stainless steel – inside and out. Large diameter metric sized tubing and low restriction stainless steel mufflers are carefully designed to reduce weight and meet State noise restriction standards. Luster polished finish, CNC mandrel bends, TIG welds, and precise fit flanges and mounting hangers are standard on every NM exhaust system. 12~15 HP gain.

This system features 60mm (2.36") tubing and dual 3.5” polished tips.

Compatible with Cooper S Front Wheel Drive and ALL4 powertrains.

This system installs 'downstream' from the secondary catalytic converter - which makes this system 'emissions friendly'.


The 'Open-Air-Box' system gives you the abundance and unrestricted 360° of air source compared to OEM's sealed air box with flat filter and tube fed air source. During R&D, we installed temperature probes around the engine compartment and the gauge showed the inside temperature matched the ambient after vehicle speed past 20 mph. And by logging the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor also showed that open-air-box intake generated higher volume (gr/sec) of air going through the sensor. So when we had to choose between (a) cooler air at all speed with limited air source, vs. (b) cooler air at 20~ mph. with unlimited air source, the choice was pretty obvious.

MINI did a great job on 2011 model MCS in improving the turbo intake tube by replacing the soft rubber tubing with a full size and rigid ABS plastic one so we decided to leave the inlet tube out and price out the kit to be more economical.

This Induction Kit is CARB APPROVED. EO# D-236-14

Note: The height of this induction kit is the same height as the stock Cooper S Airbox. If your strut bar clears the stock airbox, it will clear this Induction system!

NOTE: Check with local emissions laws for compliance.

'Special Order' item may take 2-4 weeks for delivery depending on inventory status.


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