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Mini Cooper Brake Maintenance Kit Oem Gen2 R55-r57 2007-2010

Mini Cooper Brake Maintenance Kit Oem Gen2 R55-r57 2007-2010

Mini Cooper Brake Maintenance Kit Oem Gen2 R55-r57 2007-2010
Brake Maintenance Kit with all geniune BMW/MINI factory original replacement parts. Kits available for fronts only, rears only, or front & rear set.

Kit includes:

[ ] MINI Factory replacement Rotors
[ ] MINI Factory replacement Brake Pads
[ ] MINI Factory replacement Brake Wear Sensor

MINI recommends the rotors be replaced when worn. Unlike some cars, MINI does NOT recommend re-surfacing the rotors.


2007 up to 09/2010 R56 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hatchback
2008 up to 09/2010 R55 MINI Cooper and Cooper S CLUBMAN
2009 up to 09/2010 R57 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertibles

Select Model and Kit - Kits available for Fronts only, Rears only, or Front & Rear sets.

For a lower cost Maintenance Kit with Aftermarket Parts, see G2NMK2055.

If you need to replace the set screw that holds the rotor in place, see NMB7603.

For 2002-2006 R50/R53 Hatchbacks and 2005-2008 R52 Convertibles, see NMK3219.

For Front Brake Upgrade kits that includes the JCW drilled and slotted rotors and a set of upgraded performance pads, see G2NMK2000 or G2NMK2002.

Brake Fluid should be replaced every 2 years to prevent potential damage to the ABS system. Your Mini uses standard DOT4 Brake Fluid.

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