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Flexpod Fixie Garmin Gps Mounting Kit - R55/56/57/58 Cooper & S

Flexpod Fixie Garmin Gps Mounting Kit - R55/56/57/58 Cooper & S

Flexpod Fixie Garmin Gps Mounting Kit - R55/56/57/58 Cooper & S

Flexpod Fixie Garmin Gps Mounting Kit - R55/56/57/58 Cooper & S

Flexpod Fixie Garmin Gps Mounting Kit - R55/56/57/58 Cooper & S
A direct bolt-on single device solution for the Garmin GPS!

2007+ R56 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hatchback
2008+ R55 MINI Cooper and Cooper S CLUBMAN
2009+ R57 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertible
2012 R58 Cooper and Cooper S Coupe
2012 R59 Cooper and Cooper S Roadster

This FlexPod kit comes with everything you need to safely mount your garmin GPS. This unit will attach to the back of your tachometer, facing to the left or to the right. The arm extends outside the steering wheel and has a ball on the end. That ball easily snaps into the cradle that comes with your GPS device, which means it can also be removed in a snap. We have settled on the perfect, fixed location out side the steering wheel and in plain view and reach for navigational purposes. You retain all of the functions you like about the suction cup mount, only with improved looks and reduced chance of theft.

Known Garmin Models
  • Nüvi 200
  • Nüvi 200W
  • Nüvi 205
  • Nüvi 205W
  • Nüvi 250
  • Nüvi 250W
  • Nüvi 255
  • Nüvi 255W
  • Nüvi 255WT
  • Nüvi 260
  • Nüvi 260W
  • Nüvi 265T
  • Nüvi 265WT
  • Nüvi 270
  • Nüvi 275T
  • Nüvi 285WT
  • Nüvi 295W
  • Nüvi 300
  • Nüvi 310
  • Nüvi 350
  • Nüvi 360
  • Nüvi 370
  • Nüvi 465
  • Nüvi 500
  • Nüvi 510
  • Nüvi 550
  • Nüvi 600
  • Nüvi 610
  • Nüvi 650
  • Nüvi 660
  • Nüvi 670
  • Nüvi 680
  • Nüvi 710
  • Nüvi 750
  • Nüvi 755T
  • Nüvi 760
  • Nüvi 765T
  • Nüvi 770
  • Nüvi 775T
  • Nüvi 780
  • Nüvi 785T
  • Nüvi 850
  • Nüvi 855
  • Nüvi 885T
  • Nuvi 860
  • Nüvi 880
  • Nuvi 900T
  • Nüvi 1200
  • Nüvi 1210
  • Nüvi 1240
  • Nüvi 1240T
  • Nüvi 1250
  • Nüvi 1260T
  • Nüvi 1300
  • Nüvi 1310
  • Nüvi 1340
  • Nüvi 1340T
  • Nüvi 1350
  • Nüvi 1350T
  • Nüvi 1370T
  • Nüvi 1390T
  • Nüvi 1410
  • Nüvi 1440
  • Nüvi 1450
  • Nüvi 1490T
  • Nüvi 1490TV
  • Nüvi 1690
  • Nüvi 1690T
  • Nüvi 1695
  • Nüvi 3750
  • Nüvi 3760T
  • Nüvi 3790T
  • Nüvi 5000

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Style of mount: Fixie vs. Pro Series


Our Fixie mount is an all-in-one style bracket. It attaches to the back of the tachometer, and reaches up to mount your phone at the optimal 2 o’clock position in relation to your tachometer. The Fixie is only available for second generation MINIs, and not recommended for the Countryman. 
Pro Series
Our Pro Series Mount is a two-piece mounting system that allows you more flexibility. Along with the ability to move the location of your phone easily you'll get our pieces for hiding the wiring to your device. We have a Pro Series Mount for every MINI. 

Cradle: Form Fitting iPhone Specific vs. The Universal Scissor XL


Form Fitting
This cradle fits the exact shape of the phone, it easily snaps into place and holds your phone securely. Since the cradle is designed to fit the phone exactly it cannot be used if your iPhone is already in a case. If you commonly use a case on your Phone we’d recommend the Scissor XL that comes with our other Smartphone mounts.
Scissor XL
All of our other Smartphone mounts use our universal Scissor XL cradle. The Spring Loaded Scissor XL is strong enough that your phone won’t fall while you’re driving, but still allows you to remove your phone quickly and easily.
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