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Mini Cooper Ultimate Armrest Gen2 R55-r59

Mini Cooper Ultimate Armrest Gen2 R55-r59

Mini Cooper Ultimate Armrest Gen2 R55-r59

Mini Cooper Ultimate Armrest Gen2 R55-r59

Mini Cooper Ultimate Armrest Gen2 R55-r59
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Mini Cooper Armrest With Storage Oem Gen1 Gen2 R50-r59
$324.96 Mini Cooper Armrest With Storage Oem Gen1 Gen2 R50-r59
This comfortable Armrest from Italy is easy to install, works great, and looks like it belongs in your MINI. It is easily attached to the center console while still offering easy access to the handbrake. (For MINIs without the factory Armrest.)

Retractable pad with a storage compartment beneath, and a retractable cup holder. The entire armrest assembly can be 'flipped up' out of the way when not in use.

This armrest works even with the seat in the maximum forward position! Simply slide the armpad in the 'open' position to extend its reach.

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Fits the following models without the factory armrest:

2007-2013 R56 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop
2008-2014 R55 Cooper and Cooper S Clubman
2009-2015 R57 Cooper and Cooper S Convertibles
2012-2015 R58 Cooper and Cooper S Coupe
2012-2015 R59 Cooper and Cooper S Roadster

Black Italian Leather pad with Black base.

Installation is simple: The Armrest bracket mounts into the rear cup holder with three screws (DRILLING REQUIRED for the 3 screws). The storage compartment's 'rubber feet' rests on the center console supporting any weight applied to the armrest. The design allows for easy access to the emergency brake handle.

If you are removing the factory armrest, you will need the Armrest Delete Kit to convert the center console back to original. Otherwise, you will have the old factory armrest mounting hardware exposed. For the 2008-2013 Convertible, see G2NMI1503-P.

For 2002-2006 R50 Cooper and R53 Cooper S Hatchbacks, and 2005-2008 R52 Cooper and Cooper S Convertibles, see NMI4016/BLK.

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2 of 2 other people found the following review helpful
Ultimate armrest install
Easy job to install in a '07 MC S without a factory unit already in place. My only issue with the arm rest is that it slides back and forth a bit too easy for me. If I shift my weight 185 lbs, 6' tall, occasionally with my arm on the rest, it slips forward, or aft, un-commanded, with a "ratcheting", clicking, sound. Other than that- It's a great addition for me
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1 of 1 other people found the following review helpful
Mini armrest
Love it. Easy, no-nonsence install. Adds a lot of comfort to driving this little beauty- LOL One very minor issue-- the "intermediate fore/aft settings" have a tendency to slide the armrest (fore or aft)too easily as your applying pressure on the steering wheel in turns. I've just learned to keep it set full "fore or aft"- while driving short distances in, and around town. I'd certainly buy it again, if needed (maybe a new Mini)
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Nice!- But expensive to remove the original
I took my Ultimate Armrest to one of our state's two MINI dealers and they didn't want to do the installation of the difficult bit, which is REMOVING THE FACTORY ORIGINAL. I bought the 'Original Armrest Erasure Kit' since my MINI came with the OEM armrest, which is basically an iPhone holder that slips open whenever the elbow makes contact. MINI told me they wouldn't do the removal, so I took it to my very fine independent garage and they did a great job removing the old and installing the erasure trim pieces and then installing the actual armrest. It is truly great, but... it took over two hours to remove the original, so my cost for the comfort had an extra $180 added to it. I would guess that it would be similar for anyone with the OEM armrest, especially with the phone/antenna wire. All that aside, with the pad pulled forward, I can rest my elbow completely on the cushy pad and it is wonderful! It flips up and down easily, although it bumps the seatbelt cartridge on the passenger side unless it's pulled toward the seat. I am very happy to have a real armrest after 6 years of the bare minimum. There is a small area on the rear seat floor hump, behind the armrest where a little bit of original carpet is now exposed that is compressed and looks a bit different, but I was able to fluff it up to match, mostly.
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12 of 12 other people found the following review helpful
I love this armrest, it made me love my Mini more
I thought my almost new Mini (2013, 8500 miles) was great but missing something, that settled in feel in the "cockpit" of my previous almost-sports car. It lacked and needed the armrest. I ordered the ultimate armrest hoping it would add the necessary touch, and it does. I was cautious and didn't fully install it initially, but instead wrapped shop-paper towels folded around the base where it attaches to make it snug enough to stay there. That worked like a charm, and I used it that way for awhile before completing the installation. I've seen this negatively reviewed, but in my opinion it looks better than the original Mini armrest installed as an option, and looks like it belongs there. It matches my interior and just couldn't be better. It raises easily to let one have better access to the seat belt connection, until you get used to it and now I find I don't really need to do that anymore. I haven't, but could, used the cupholder (but liquids that could spill don't get into my car). That it slides forward or back and stays in intermediate positions is extra nice and gives me just that arm support I felt was missing in the first place. They didn't pay me for the good review, but I could be a salesman for this item, I like it that much. I got it on sale, which made it even better.
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1 of 4 other people found the following review helpful
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3 of 6 other people found the following review helpful
nice web all inf
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