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Mini Cooper Ecu Upgrade Unichip R55 R56 R57

Mini Cooper Ecu Upgrade Unichip R55 R56 R57

Mini Cooper Ecu Upgrade Unichip R55 R56 R57

Mini Cooper Ecu Upgrade Unichip R55 R56 R57

Mini Cooper Ecu Upgrade Unichip R55 R56 R57

Mini Cooper Ecu Upgrade Unichip R55 R56 R57

Mini Cooper Ecu Upgrade Unichip R55 R56 R57

Unichip's new UNI-Q 'hardware based' ECU upgrade for your Cooper S.

[ ] Brute Plug 'n Play POWER!
[ ] Features our latest OEM quality harness

NOTE:  Due to CARB regulations, we are unable to ship this product to California addresses.

UNLEASH the full potential of your MINI Cooper S with the new UNI-Q from UNICHIP! Mini Mania introduces the UNICHIP ECU upgrade kit that optimizes your MINI for PERFORMANCE. Unichip will improve your MINIs off-the-line performance, provide better throttle response with stronger acceleration.

Fits the following models with the N14 engine:

2007-2010 R56 MINI Cooper S Hatchback
2008-2010 R55 MINI Cooper S Clubman
2009-2010 R57 MINI Cooper S Convertible

The Unichip is available in two different map levels, one for street, and another for street or track. Both are compatible with bone stock MINIs perfectly suitable for the daily driver. The street/track map produces slightly higher boost for higher performance.

On the Unichip test MINI with the Street/Track map (as shown on the dyno chart), the peak gains were 28.0 HP and 28.4 TQ. But it's not just about peak gains - it's the gains throughout the rpm range. The area under the curve is significantly larger for both hp and torque which means your MINI will pull stronger all the way up to redline!

The stock MINI software provides a delicate balance between efficiency and performance for the average MINI owner. For the performance minded MINI owner, the Unichip upgrade shifts this balance towards performance by re-mapping the software and greatly increasing the sampling rate for greater accuracy, all without sacrificing reliability.

The Unichip is a hardware based upgrade that is essentially a 'piggy back' solution. A Unichip Harness is added to your engine to tap into various sensors signals throughout the engine. These signals are monitored, modified, then sent to the ECU for maximum performance. No need to remove and ship your ECU for programming!

An optional Download Cable Kit provides access to a secure site where you can download different maps. Currently, there are 5 maps and there is NO CHARGE for downloading these maps after you purchase the Cable Kit.

The UNI-Q can also be 'custom tuned' by your local Unichip tuner for further optimization and performance increase. The 'custom tune' allows the UNI-Q to be optimized specifically for YOUR MINI which results in further hp gains. Unichip 'tuners' are available across the country.

For US model MINIs only.

See installation instructions here.

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Created: October 12, 2014
Mini Cooper Performance Chip can be accomplished in a number of ways. Enjoy Motoring in by doing it your way, Check with the experts at
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