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Mini Cooper Intercooler Upgrade Wagner Gen2 R55-r61

Mini Cooper Intercooler Upgrade Wagner Gen2 R55-r61

Mini Cooper Intercooler Upgrade Wagner Gen2 R55-r61

Mini Cooper Intercooler Upgrade Wagner Gen2 R55-r61

Mini Cooper Intercooler Upgrade Wagner Gen2 R55-r61

Mini Cooper Performance Intercooler Upgrade from Wagner is designed to:

  •        improve efficiency.
  •        lower combustion temperatures.
  •        reduce power loss from excessive intake temperatures.

The NET RESULT - more power at the wheels!

Fits the following Cooper S models:

2007-2013 R56 MINI Cooper S Hardtop
2008-2014 R55 MINI Cooper S Clubman
2009-2015 R57 MINI Cooper S Convertible
2012-2015 R58 MINI Cooper S Coupe
2012-2015 R59 MINI Cooper S Roadster
2011-2016 R60 MINI Cooper S Countryman
2013-2016 R61 MINI Cooper S Paceman

Three versions available:

  • Performance version for 2007-2010 pre-facelift models
  • Performance version for 2011+ facelift models
  • Competition version for 2011+ models

Select accordingly.

NOTE: The 2011+ Performance version is the same dimensions as the 2011+ Competition Version.


Have you noticed how your Turbo engine seems more powerful and responsive in cold weather? As the inlet temperature is reduced, the air becomes 'more dense' packing a greater number of O2 molecules, which results in a more powerful combustion.

This nets more horsepower to the wheels. Now you can have similar performance even on warmer sunny days with this intercooler upgrade


Technically, the Intercooler upgrade does not 'add' horsepower, but it reduces the losses which results in a net power gain at the wheels. The engine basically 'retains' the horsepower normally lost to high inlet temperatures.

The difference is pronounced on warmer days where normally, the car would feel 'sluggish'. If you live in colder climates (ie Alaska) - this may not be a cost-effective upgrade. But if you have warm climate or hot summers, it's worth it!


  •        High-performance Intercooler Core with turbulators in a stepped design
  •        Size 550x110x90 / 550x210x30, 6435cm³ volume (OEM 540x65x85mm, 2.984cm ³ volume)
  •        Cast aluminum CAD optimized Endtanks for best possible Internal Airflow
  •        Intercooler uses the original mounting points
  •        ~220% larger frontal area, compared to OEM intercooler
  •        ~280% greater volume than Factory intercooler
  •        Anti Corrosion protective coating with perfect thermal heat dissipation character
  •        Simple installation


Founded in 1993 in Germany, the company started off as a speed shop in 2007 and transformed into a manufacturing and designing shop for intercooler ,downpipes, intakes and exhaust manifolds. With the business doing great in Germany and the high demand for products here in the states, they decided to open up a US office located in California to stock products reducing delivery times.

Using only the best technology to design products, the Faro 7axis scan arm with laser scanner and stratasys rapid prototype printer and the latest cad & fem Software is utilized to develop quality products. This way every product design is 100% accurate on fitment and allows the largest inter-coolers that can fit without major modifications to your vehicle. Product development is performed here in the states with complete in house design and engineering capabilities.

Product comes with a 5-year manufacturer's limited warranty.


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Wagner Intercooler Customers
Customer Reviews Rating Absolutely the best Stumbled upon this product for my '13 Mini Cooper S on the NAM forum. I've heard about Wagner making great products for BMWs in the past and I'm glad they do for the Mini as well. By far, this has been the best intercooler I've found for the Mini. The quality is just top notch and no hiccups with the direct bolt on replacement for the stock one too. Still yet to read IATs but I've read they work very well. Wagner is the way to go!
5 of 6 Found Helpful Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Sujith Jayagopalan from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. - 10/26/2014 Rating Nice intercooler
Very nice product. Very well made. End tanks are cast aluminum with beefy mounting tabs that mimic the stock intercooler tabs. We will see how well the black paint holds up to all the gravel we get here in AZ. Installation on my 2013 GP2 went as can be expected for something like this. Getting the front off of the R56 mini cooper was somewhat annoying. Mini uses all kinds of clips and such that break as you take them apart. The actual intercooler install went quite easily once I had the front body components removed. It fit perfectly against the chassis of the car. There was some minor trimming of the lower reinforcement bar necessary at the corners of the intercooler as well as very light trimming of the backside of the lower grill for clearance. I just used a die grinder with a cutting disc for the metal stuff and a coarse tooth burr bit for the plastic stuff. None of this trimming can be seen once the car is put back together. Performance wise, The car feels a little bit snappier. Especially on cooler days, mornings and such. Pulls to redline a bit easier. I installed this intercooler along with a JB+. So, as a result of having done both at the same time, it's hard to attribute which mod is doing what exactly. I can say that the two of them together have very much improved the way this car zips around town. I'm very happy with the purchase though. Would buy it again if I had another car.
Reviewed by: Jake from AZ. - 4/1/2015 Rating Must Have It Item. Hi, I'm a Mini Countryman owner living in South Korea. I found it in a Mini Cooper off-line shop in Korea. Competition is, however, not be a release in Korea, has been to buy directly from Wagner's home page. Mounting and steady at high speed was improved, helped in weight. A good product. Did you find this helpful? Reviewed by: TaeHo from Republic of South Korea. - 3/25/2015
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