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Mini Cooper Turbo K03 Ported Quick Spool Gen2

Mini Cooper Turbo K03 Ported Quick Spool Gen2

Mini Cooper Turbo K03 Ported Quick Spool Gen2
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Mini Cooper Turbo K03 Quick Spool Upgrades Gen2
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Mini Cooper Turbo Upgrades K04 High Flow Gen2

Quick Spool K03 Turbo Upgrades WITH PORTING for your 2nd Generation Turbocharged MINI Cooper S! Although the factory K03 Borg Warner turbo does a splendid job of forced induction for the Cooper S, there IS room for improvement. These Turbo upgrades improve performance without sacrificing drivability. They are based on the same K03 Borg Warner Turbo like the factory unit, but with Upgraded Compressor side for higher boost with emphasis on 'Quick Spool' for faster response. These Turbo's are very streetable with good response.


The turbocharger porting service includes complete dis-assembly of the turbocharger followed by an extruded porting and polish service of the internal exhaust air path inside the turbine housing. the internal surfaces are smoothed to remove the heat generating high friction surfaces, the port volume increased, and mating surfaces are matched.  The Porting option lowers both incoming and outgoing air temps, increases air volume, speeds up the air, and increases efficiency so your turbocharger can hold a stable target boost pressure and max flow to red-line.  For a more detailed explanation of the Porting option, read Mini Cooper Porting Service article.


The MINI's factory K03 turbocharger with the 37mm compressor and 'some' mods can produce 17psi from about 1500rpm to about 3800rpm. But when you reach 4800rpm your torque will drop off because the boost has dropped to 13psi. Once you reach 5400 rpm you are down to about 7-8psi which cuts your torque in half . The 37mm stock K03 turbo is optimized for the average commuter type driver and NOT designed to give you boost throughout the entire RPM range. If you are on the track or strip it will feel like the car is loosing power when you need it most.

All of these turbo upgrades are built with larger compressor, upgraded internals, and a 360deg thrust bearing to handle high boost pressures. The larger compressor allows higher sustained boost much higher into the rpm range. Externally there is no difference so they will all bolt up to your OEM exhaust manifold and Cat-Fold (Catalytic converter).

Maximize your power gains with the ECU upgrade from the supplier of these Turbo upgrades.

Fits the following Cooper S Models with the N14 and N18 engines:

2007-2013 R56 MINI Cooper S Hatchback
2008-2014 R55 MINI Cooper S Clubman
2009-2015 R57 MINI Cooper S Convertible
2012-2015 R58 MINI Cooper S Coupe
2012-2015 R59 MINI Cooper S Roadster
2011-2016 R60 MINI Cooper S Countryman
2013-2016 R61 MINI Cooper S Paceman

Also fits JCW models.

NOTE: Include the last 7-digits of your VIN when ordering.

See the Turbo Application Guide to see all the options for replacement and upgraded Turbo's.

For Turbo related replacement hardware, see our Mini Cooper Turbo Installation Hardware Application Guide.


4 Options to choose from:

N14 engines are found in the following models:

  • 2007-2010 Cooper S - R56 Hardtop, R55 Clubman, and R57 Convertible
  • 2007-2011.5 JCW - R56 Hardtop, R55 Clubman, R57 Convertible, R58 Coupe, and R59 Roadster

N18 engines are found in the following models

  • 2011+ Cooper S - R56 Hardtop, R55 Clubman, R57 Convertible, R58 Coupe, R59 Roadster, R60 Countryman, and R61 Paceman
  • 2011.5+ JCW - R56 Hardtop, R55 Clubman, R57 Convertible, R58 Coupe, and R59 Roadster, R60 Countryman, and R61 Paceman

NOTE: Include the last 7-digits of your VIN when ordering.


K03 Super 42 - 42mm Quick Spool K03 Turbo Upgrade

This Super 42 Hybrid K03 turbocharger is engineered to be the most reliable and high-performance upgrade turbo for the Turbocharged Cooper S. This can be the number 1 upgrade for your JCW and gives you up to 260 hp. This turbo is designed to be a 'no tuning required' turbo that will add about ~ +30hp, and more with tuning!

[  ] Larger 42mm compressor
[  ] Extended tip compressor wheel
[  ] Compressor and Exhaust Porting
[  ] Designed for higher pressure
[  ] Upgraded 360deg bearing
[  ] High temperature alloy turbine housing
[  ] Twin scroll turbine housing
[  ] Water cooled bearing housing

This Super 42 upgrade high pressure high-flow dual scrolling turbo uses our big 42mm compressor to give you boost that starts early and last much longer than even the JCW turbo. This turbocharger delivers outstanding response with torque and power gains across the entire power-band and the 42mm design gives you extra boost at the top end when you need it most. If you are looking for an extreme street upgrade that delivers full race performance this is the turbo for you. It will deliver great torque, spool early, and last long. These K04 Turbo's MUST HAVE a high flow / low backpressure 3" or larger aftermarket exhaust system which will allow this turbo to reach its full potential.

Due to the larger inlet of this Turbo, a silicone intake adapter hose is included to connect this turbo to upgraded Intake Kits like these.  This silicone adapter hose goes from 2" to 2.75".


Additional Core Deposit is charged with every Turbo order. Core charges are refunded when a 'Rebuildable' core from your MINI is returned and inspected by the manufacturer.

All or part of the core deposit may be forfeited if the core is severely damaged and not rebuildable

The amount of core refund is determined at the discretion of the Turbo Manufacturer.


  • Recommend two degree colder spark plugs (not recommended Bosch or Beru)
  • Requires 30mm external blow off valve or two blow off valves
  • Recommend " or larger exhaust system.



Also read the related Tech Articles listed at the bottom of this page.

Some States (like California) have ever tightening requirements for emissions testing and inspections. Always check your local regulations on compliance for street use.


Using the mix of different turbochargers parts has given these K03 and Hybrid turbochargers added durability as well as quick spooling speed. The Quick Spool Turbochargers can be installed on a 'stock' MINI Cooper S without other modifications, however maximum performance is achieved when combined with other upgrades. Here are some of the recommended upgrades in the order of importance:

A. Larger diameter higher flowing Downpipe with Cat and Exhaust System (REQUIRED for K04 Turbos).
B. Larger Intercooler for lower intake air temperatures.
C. Hi-Flow Intake for improve air flow into the engine.
D. ECU software upgrade to maximize performance.

Gaskets, seals, studs, and other hardware are NOT included. If you need to replace these items, order separately.

See our Turbo Install Kit. This kit includes all the most commonly replaced gaskets and seals, plus a new oil supply line. Additional gaskets, seals and other hardware may be required depending on the installation.

When servicing the Turbo on the MINI, it is very important (maybe even critical) that you replace the Turbo Oil Supply line to avoid potential future turbo issues.

Over time, the turbo and turbo supply line builds a fine layer of 'coked' or cooked oil on the internal surfaces. When you remove the supply line from the turbo, this disrupts the continuity of the coked layer with great potential of some of the coking to flake free. These coked oil particles can easily clog the fine journals that feed oil to the turbo bearings. Once the the oil flow is compromised, it is only a matter of time for cascading failures that can damage the turbo and catalytic converter! Don't take a chance - REPLACE the Oil Supply Line ! ! !

For additional protection, take a look at the Turbo Oil Supply Line Thermal Wrap.

For other TURBOCHARGER related products, see our TURBOCHARGER products page.


We STRONGLY recommend you change the motor oil more frequently than the factory recommendation. Anecdotal evidence suggests Turbo's with more frequent oil changes have fewer issues. We suggest 5000 mile oil change interval or less. Make sure you use FULL SYNTHETIC motor oil with the ACEA (Association des Constructeurs Europeens d'Automobiles) A3/B3 specification.

After a long or hard drive, drive 'easy' for a while just before your destination. This will reduce the engine and oil temperatures to lower operating levels. Also make a habit to let the engine idle for a couple minutes before shutting off. This will help cool the turbo preventing oil coking in the journals and bearings. Yes, the MINI has an auxiliary water pump that runs after shutdown to help cool the turbo, BUT - the oil isn't cirulating - it just sits there waiting for the turbo to cool. This is why we recommend you idle before shutdown - let the oil circulate while the temperature comes down.

MANUFACTURER'S INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS to validate Manufacturers Limited Warranty: 

[ ] Replace the turbo oil supply line with the turbo.
- - - Due to excess heat round the turbocharger and particulates suspended in the turbo supply oil the oil will harden or "coke~ in the turbo and oil supply lines. If the oil supplyline is not replaced with the turbocharger the coked oil will break free from the side walls of the oil supply line and damage the turbocharger bearings. Cleaning the oil line will not help and only aggravate and increase the likelihood of the turbo failure due to coked oil breaking free form the sidewall.

[ ] Replace the catalytic converter on mini coopers before installing a new turbo.
- - - The Catalytic converter may look clear but if any oil leaked into it some of the holes might be blocked and will cause back pressure. This starts to happen on Mini Coopers at 15k miles! Exhaust back pressure causes premature failure of the turbocharger. Turbochargers are not designed to have pressure on the exhaust side. As an alternative, have your catalytic converter refurbished to restore original flow.

[ ] Prime the turbocharger.
- - - No oil on the turbocharger bearings will cause failure of the bearings if they are dry even for a short period of time. Prime the new turbo with oil before you connect the oil lines.  For maximum protection, see Turbo Additive for Priming New Turbo's

[ ] Fresh engine oil with a turbocharger change
- - - Perform an oil change with full synthetic motor oil at the factory recommended viscosity when you install a new turbo. Change the oil again after one heat cycle if:  the engine is brand new, newly rebuilt, or if your MINI had a catastrophic turbo failure.


Manufacturers Limited Warranty covers all turbochargers to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for normal use and service up to 1 year (2 years if the oil line is replaced) after retail purchase. Manufacturer reserves the right to examine any part returned for warranty claim to determine whether a defect in materials or workmanship exists in such product. Manufacturer liability is limited to repairing, replacing or crediting towards other product, and credits will not exceed the invoice total for the parts.

Labor and storage charges are not products of the manufacturer and, therefore, will not be reimbursed for any reason. Final determination of the condition and suitability of the parts for uses contemplated by the buyer and is a sole responsibility of the buyer. Manufacturer will not be liable for any damage or injury to persons or property that might be claimed as a result of improper installation or misuse of any part subjected to this warranty. No warranty claim or refund, will be given until the item is in our possession and we have processed it which can take up to 20days.

Before installing any of our products it is the responsibility of the installer/owner to fix or resolve any and all problems that cause the original part/item to fail and can cause the new part/item to fail. Since we do not troubleshoot, we take no responsibility for incorrectly diagnosing the issue that caused the initial part/item to fail. There are no warranties expressed or implied beyond those set forth above.


Take a look at these informative videos that will help you avoid potential pitfalls with the Turbo:

How to Kill a New Turbo Part 1 - Oil Line

How to Kill a New Turbo Part 2 - Catalytic Converter

How to Kill a New Turbo Part 3 - No or Low Oil

How to Kill a New Turbo Part 4 - Using the Correct Oil

NOTE: Some states (like California) have ever tightening requirements for emissions testing and inspections. Always check your local regulations on compliance for street use.

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