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Cold Air Intake Upgrade Black- R60 Mini Cooper S Countryman 2011+

Cold Air Intake Upgrade Black- R60 Mini Cooper S Countryman 2011+

Cold Air Intake Upgrade Black- R60 Mini Cooper S Countryman 2011+

Cold Air Intake Upgrade Black- R60 Mini Cooper S Countryman 2011+

Cold Air Intake Upgrade Black- R60 Mini Cooper S Countryman 2011+
Increase perormance with this custom Cold Air Intake System in BLACK for your new MINI Cooper S!


2011+ R60 MINI Cooper S COUNTRYMAN

This kit uses the K&N Filter for maximum flow and protection. Includes brackets, silcone tubes, clamps and all hardware needed to let your Mini breathe right. Laser cut and powder coated mounting bracket with removable top cover to access the filter for cleaning. Allows you to hear the Turbo's blow off valve. Expect about 10HP gain. All parts are made from the highest quility materials available, Don't settle for second best. Top Cover is available in Black anodized only.

This intake system is legal for street use in most states. However, it is not legal for street use in California and other states that have adopted California Emissions Standards under Section 177 of the Federal Clean Air Act of 1970. Intake systems are subject to governmental regulation in California and certain other states adopting the emission standards of the California Air Resources Board. In order for an intake system to be legal on a specific vehicle in California and the other adopting states, the part number must receive a CARB Executive Order (EO) number. This number makes the part legal for use only on specific years, makes and models of vehicles. A decal with CARB EO number for these parts must be displayed in the engine bay to satisfy smog inspection requirements.

See 99-5000 for the Filter Maintenance kit.

NOTE: Some states (like California) have ever tightening requirements for emissions testing and inspections. Always check your local regulations on compliance for street use.

Technical Information:
Air Intake for MINI Cooper

What’s the big deal about a ‘cold air intake system’ for the MINI Cooper S?  Most MINI Cooper S owners are interested in further improving performance on this already sporty high performance car. A properly designed cold air intake system is a great start at doing just that.   So why ‘cold air’?  Internal combustion engines require air and fuel to burn. The more efficient this process is, the more horsepower can be developed. An average engine can use more than 15,000 gallons of air for every gallon of fuel. The supercharged MINI Cooper S will typically need 20% more air than a normally aspirated engine!  Cold air is much denser then warm air. Cooler, or cold air holds more oxygen per cubic foot. More oxygen in the intake “charge” yields more power developed in each combustion cycle. Thus, you’re getting more horsepower with the same or better fuel economy. The MINI Cooper S gets its intake air through two paths. A duct from the grille area provides direct airflow to the lower portion of the stock air box. In addition, air flows into the rear of the air box from air flow through the drivers side (left side) cowl vent. Common practice is to enlarge this inlet area to allow more pressurized air flow to the filter enclosure. This only solves part of the restriction problem however.

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This kit is very easy to install and makes driving a turbo much for fun. It's also a great way to get tailgaters off your rear when they hear the blow off valve.
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