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Scoop Saver Hood Insulation - R55/56/57 Cooper S

Scoop Saver Hood Insulation - R55/56/57 Cooper S

Scoop Saver Hood Insulation - R55/56/57 Cooper S

Scoop Saver Hood Insulation - R55/56/57 Cooper S

Scoop Saver Hood Insulation - R55/56/57 Cooper S
Warped hood scoop is one of the known Mini issues which is caused by excessive heat exposure produced by the turbo. It is fine and dandy until your warranty runs out and you have to keep arguing with your service rep trying to get the scoop replaced. Either you are stuck with funky looking scoop or you are forced to purchase a new replacement that will end up the same way again.


2007-2011 R56 Cooper S Hatchback
2008-2011 R55 Cooper S CLUBMAN
2009-2011 R57 Cooper S Convertible

This Scoop Saver reflects the radiant heat generated by the turbo resulting an impressive 30-40% temperature reduction at the scoop. It sits right on top of the turbo covering the under bonnet sheet metal as well as plugging some hood reinforcement structure holes where heat can creep in and bake the bottom part of the scoop.

Made from fire-retardant composite material with aluminum sheet reflective coating and can withstand 1100°F of radiant heat (requires minimum of 1” of airspace) and up to 450°F of direct heat. Affixed utilizing hi-temp adhesive backing. Material conforms to MIL-C-20079, Type I, Class 10 in addition to MIL-I-24244.

For a MINI factory alternative solution, see G2NME1022.

Technical Information:
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