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Hooked On Driving's 'getting On The Track' Dvd

Hooked On Driving's 'getting On The Track' Dvd

Hooked On Driving's 'getting On The Track' Dvd
The Hooked On Driving team present a basic introduction to track days, with host David Ray. If you've never done a track day, or would like to show a friend or relative what they're like, this should be a great tool to get "HOOKED!"

OUR ALL NEW, Second Generation Performance Driving Video - ITS AWESOME!!
- 50 minutes of performance driving demonstrations, skills instruction and great advice
- Aerial shots of what a “late apex is all about”
- Tips from BMW tuner Steve Dinan on car preparation for performance driving
- Daytona 24 hour winner Randy Pobst does an in-car lesson in a Mazdaspeed6 on how to learn the line
- Finally! A close-up view, and clear explanation of “heel and toe” shifting done in a Roush Mustang Stage III
- Awesome footage of sports cars on track, including the Stillen G35 Supercharged Coupe running in a controlled environment, during a “track day”
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Learn how to get the most out of yourself and your Mini
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Imagine winning a Mini Cooper High Performance Driving Experience program where you will ARRIVE & DRIVE a Mini Mania Cooper S!

As you arrive at the Thunderhill Raceway at Hooked on Driving you'll receive a warm welcome from Don Racine, Owner of MINI MANIA. Throughout your action packed day, Don will personally guide you through the program where you'll learn how to EXPERIENCE a MINI to it's MAX!

Mini Cooper enthusiasts say, "It's the DRIVE of Their LIVES"!


To "comment", simply review this article and then scroll down to the bottom where it says "Leave a comment". Here we suggest you "Login" to be eligible to win and contact you when you win. As you make a comment, try to share with others your opinion on why you would like to go to the Mini Cooper High Performance Driving Experience. ~ Thanks & Good Luck!

Winner Receives

  1. Free High Performance Driving Experience Program ($300. value)
  2. Free Mini or Classic Mini Included to Drive
  3. Free Mini Cooper/Classic Performance Coaching


  • 1st 100 entries receive a Free performance driving DVD ($20. value)

hooked on driving dvd

Learn how to get the most out of yourself and your Mini

I recently again had the opportunity to spend a day with a Mini on a racetrack.  But this was not just another race but rather a ‘test’ day.  We needed an opportunity to do some tire testing when we found this “HPDE” event.  While we have actually sponsored one or two of these in the past, this was the first time I took the time to also serve as an coach/instructor.  All I can say is that this organization really has it’s act together and I would recommend that EVERY Mini owner should make the effort to attend one of them.  Absolutely stock street cars are the most common and probably the best place to start in fact.  (The slower you go, the more you learn).

Below find only part of the great information that can be found on the “Hooked on Driving” Website.
Hooked On Driving is a leading national performance driving program, commonly known as an HPDE, or HPDS (high performance driving experience, high performance driving school).

 The Street Is Your Classroom

 You do not need a green flag and FIA curbing to whittle down lap times. In 22 drills we show you how you can safely improve your driving skills on the open road.

[Click on the image below to read the entire publication.]

 Getting On Track

 Club racer and track day instructor David Ray shares the fundamentals of high-performance driving.

[Click on the image below to read the entire publication.] 



Mini Cooper Hoosier Tire Testing at Thunderhill


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