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Mini: An Intimate Biography

Mini: An Intimate Biography

Mini: An Intimate Biography
There's a lot to say in the biography of a fifty-year-old. Join Christy Campbell as he looks back over the life and times of a national treasure and celebrates the highs (film stardom, famous fans, cult status) and the lows (the design flaws that made Wellington boots essential driving kit, the fact that the basic model sold for less than it cost to produce) of half a century of the Mini. From the initial challenge of creating a car that would seat four, use an exisiting engine and be smaller than anything else on the road, to its sixties glory days and starring role in The Italian Job, as well as its troubled later years and its subsequent rebirth as a symbol of twenty-first-century cool, this is an affectionate history of the car that was an icon, a revolution in motoring...and a Brit!
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