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1964 Austin Vintage Racer 1275cc
  • Price:US $30,000
  • Year:1964
  • Make:Austin
  • Model:Vintage Racer
  • Body Style:Sedan
  • Motor:1275cc
  • Transmission:4-Speed Manual
  • Body Color:Black
  • Ad Type:Mini
  • Created on:Jul 13, 2017
  • Modified on:Jul 13, 2017
  • Other Ads:None

This race mini Mini was purchased by the current owner as a project car as it was completely disassembled by the previous owner and left undone. The strength of the car was its rust free Mark 1 shell, excellent roll cage and history as a vintage race mini.
To the best of the owners knowledge, the car was a street Mini that was converted to a vintage race car in the mid-1980’s and vintage raced in the southeast into the 1990’s. At some point the car migrated to the northwest where it was vintage raced. Around 2005 the car was sold to an owner in the SF Bay area where it was disassembled and left undone until the current owner bought it and brought it to Minnesota where it was finally reassembled in early 2017.
The car was raced for the first time in many years at the SVRA race at Indianapolis in June, 2017 where it won both Class 1 races. While keeping the RPM’s at 7250 RPM or lower, lap times at Indy were in the 1:54’s. The car is race ready with a current annual inspection from SVRA for 2017.
During the rebuilding process, the current owner “cloned” a Mini that they successfully raced for over 25 years with the goal of building a reliable race car that meets the specifications and spirit of most vintage race groups.
The front sub frame was bead blasted then reinforced and strengthened by boxing in the front section and TIG welding the seams, corners and other stress areas prior to powder coating. Adjustable lower suspension arms and new hiem joints were paired with adjustable tie rods and final assembly with proper race bolt hardware, AN washers and lock nuts. Stock rubber suspension springs are installed with adjustable ride height cones to allow for full front suspension adjustment.
Stock brakes, hubs and outer CV joints were rebuilt giving care to use proper lubricants to meet race conditions. A new sway bar, sway bar links and fittings was built to successful design specifications and fit the sub frame. Completing the front sub frame were Spax adjustable Competition shocks with modified top shock mounts to allow for a lowered ride height. Front brakes are with competition Hawk “Black” compound.

A new brake dual master cylinder was purchased of original OEM design and all new plumbing and flex lines were routed through the interior of the car to eliminate and risk of failure if there was on off the track excursion.
The rear sub frame was also bead blasted and reinforced and strengthened by boxing in the rear section of the sub frame making a strong support to mount the rear sway bar. Jacking points were installed on the reinforced sub frame corners. Suspension adjustments are made using rear swing arm adjustment plates mounted internal on the sub frame. Adjustable ride height cones are paired with stock rubber suspension springs. Minifin aluminum brake drums and competition brake shoes are adjusted with an rear bias brake valve that can be adjusted from the drivers seat.
The motor/gearbox/cylinder head/flywheel power unit is the exact unit used in the owners other race Mini which has been proven to be fast and reliable including winning the 2014 Can-Am Mini Challenge at Mid-Ohio. Details on the power unit include:
• Original Cooper S thick flange block; lined bored with 4 bolt center main cap
• EN40B crankshaft
• Carillo Rods
• JE pistons
• JANDERSON cylinder head prepared to owners specifications
• 12.71 Compression Ratio
• 1.5:1 rocker arms
• Swiftune SW23 Camshaft and adjustable timing gears
• Swiftune Flywheel and back plate with competition clutch disc
• Fisher style damper
• Competition header of 3 into 1 design (sale includes one spare collector)
• Strraightcut drop gears
• Swiftune Dog Box rolling start gears assembled in gearbox by owner
• Competition oil pickup
• Salisbury LSD with 3.76 straight cut final drive
All engine machining and short block assemble by Total Engine Service, the builder of the owners engines for the last 30+ years. Final assembly of the power unit components was made by the owner.
The roll cage was modified to install a Butler Built race seat. The race seat, all seat belts and the door net are attached directly to the roll cage.
A new on-board fire bottle was installed with two drivers compartment and one engine bay nozzles.
A new FuelSafe 5 gallon fuel cell was installed along with a new fuel pump and fuel filter.
The original rust free Mark 1 body includes original steel doors (with door pockets), trunk and hood. A glass windshield is installed and plastic rear window and rear side windows .
The body appears to have been last painted in the late 1980’s and still holds up well considering its age and number of years that the car has been raced.
The sale includes 6 basically new American Racing tires and 6 aluminum wheels.
No spares are included.
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