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2017 MINI (BMW) Cooper S
  • Price:US $354
  • Year:2017
  • Make:MINI (BMW)
  • Model:Cooper S
  • Body Style:HatchBack
  • Transmission:6-Speed Manual
  • Body Color:Gray
  • Miles:2580
  • Ad Type:NewMini
  • Created on:May 07, 2017
  • Modified on:May 07, 2017
  • Other Ads:None

Hi all,

This is for a lease transfer on a manual, 4DR Cooper S that I picked up 10/21/16. Black leatherette interior, with black bonnet stripes down the middle.

I recently had a spinal fusion and was unable to drive for about a month. I had the car parked at a friends driveway and ended up not driving for another month various reasons. I don't drive to work, I take the subway or ride a bike (or electric kick scooter!). I've been surviving on the occasional Uber and Car2Go when needed. Monthly, it's just cheaper than lease payment + insurance + gas. AND there's no need to look for on-street parking, especially for NY's alternate sides rules. And not having a driveway or garage, this is a HUGE plus.

So, I've realized that having this MINI, as fun as it is (got a speeding ticket 4 weeks in), just doesn't make financial sense right now.

$354.10 a month at 7500k miles per year. And like I said...I haven't been driving, so the miles are accumulating for the next leasee.

Swapalease link here:

Current Miles: 2,580
Remaining Miles: 19,920
Est. Lease End Date: 10/21/2019
SAL ID#: 1125236
VIN: WMWXU3C59H2B63886
Location: Astoria, NY 11105

Feel free to contact me via Swapalease if interested!
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