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Identifying MINI Cooper Rear Wiper Blades On 2002-2006 Hatchbacks
Created: December 05, 2013
Detailed article on how to identify the rear wiper blades. Some of the simplest maintenance items can be quite challenging to identify for replacement, this includes the Rear Wiper Blade. MINI decided to change the part number for the rear wiper arm and blade mid-production. To further complicate the matter, we have found some early MINIs with the later Rear Wiper Arm and later MINIs with early arms!
Which wiper blade fits my MINI Cooper
Created: February 11, 2011
Replacing your wipers? Find out which wipers fit your MINI!
Exterior Trim
MINI Cooper Badge Mounts FAQ 3d design
Created: November 18, 2010
Frequently Asked Questions Q. Will these badges work with other grill badge holders? A. The Dome badges will magnetically mount to other badge holders that are metal and have a 3" diameter. We do not recommend mounting our 3D badges to other mounts due to their additiona...
Cleaning paint surface with Clay Bar - 'How-to'
Created: April 06, 2010
This article courtesy of Detailers Paradise and Prima Products. First, what is clay?Detailing clay is a malleable, clay-like substance that was originally used to by automotive paint shops to remove overspray and surface contaminants. It comes in many colors and textures and is generally sold in 4-...