Wagner Tuning Intercoolers

Since 2002, Wagner Tuning has been developing and producing high quality engine parts, such as intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, downpipes and - intercooler kits. Their technology advancements, coupled with years of experience, ensure optimum performance and highest manufacturing precision for our customers.

Using only the best technology to design products, every product design is 100% accurate on fitment and allows the largest inter-coolers that can fit without major modifications to your vehicle.  


Quick Facts about Wagner Intercoolers

  • Wagner Intercoolers comes with a 5-year manufacturers limited warranty.
  • Wagner Tuning offers two different types of Intercoolers, Performance and Competition. The Performance Intercooler is preferred for OEM turbos; the Competition is for upgraded turbos.
  • Intercooler upgrades results in new horsepower  gain at the wheels.
  • Wagner Intercoolers use advance technologies to MAXIMIZE air flow, resulting in even more power gain.

So, Who Is Wagner Tuning?

Founded in 1993 in Germany, the company started as a speed shop in 2007 and transformed into a manufacturing and designing shop for inter-coolers, down pipes, intakes and exhaust manifolds.

With the business doing great, coupled with high demand for products in the US, Wagner Tuning decided to open up a US office located in California to stock products reducing delivery times.

What Exactly Is an Intercooler?

Essentially, an Intercooler is an air conditioner for your car’s engine.


Have you ever noticed how your Turbo engine seems more powerful and responsive when the weather is colder and brisk? The cooler air is 'denser' and as a result, it affects your MINI’s performance.


So, in essence, that’s what a Wagner Intercooler does.  It takes the hot air currently being forced into your engine through the turbo and cools it, giving your car the similar performance you feel on cool days. 


How Much Horsepower Does A Wagner Intercooler Add To My MINI?

Technically, the Intercooler upgrade results in new horsepower gain at the wheels.


Better put - the engine basically 'retains' the horsepower normally lost to high inlet temperatures. By cooling the air down, the intercooler enables your engine to work better and reduce horsepower loss due to heat. 

Caption: The purpose of an intercooler is to take warm air created by the engine and cool it down before feeding it back into the engine.  This creates greater horsepower since energy isn’t lost through heat.


Why Upgrade The Intercooler?

Performance is one consideration.  Second is less wear and tear on your engine.  (A cooler-running engine lasts longer.)


Performance Intercoolers vs. Competition Intercoolers – What’s the Difference?

Wagner Tuning offers two different types of Intercoolers, Performance and Competition. The difference being the type of core (Performance uses a Bar & Plate Core, Competition uses a Tube Fin) and the air volume they provide (EVO1, EVO2, and EVO3.)

  • EVO1 versions were developed for use in combination with STOCK Turbochargers providing extremely efficient cooling of the intake charge air.
  • EVO2 and EVO3 Intercoolers allow greater air volume and work in tandem with upgrade turbochargers. 
  • Specific Intercoolers also have their inlet and outlet sizes increased and are supplied with matching silicone hoses.

According to our Wagner Representative, “Our Performance intercooler features a Bar and Plate core which makes it a little lighter with a smaller face, meaning not as much air travels through it while the Competition “tube and fin” design is lighter and has a greater capacity for air flow.


The Performance Intercooler is preferred for OEM turbos; the Competition is for upgraded turbos.


A More Technical Explanation between Performance and Competition Intercoolers

Taken straight from the horse’s mouth – this is how they explain the different between Performance Intercoolers and Competition Intercoolers.


“Customers often ask us what is the difference between our Performance and Competition Intercoolers.  Below is a brief summary.


Performance Intercoolers

Our Performance Intercoolers have a BAR & PLATE core which offers excellent cooling and improved flow characteristics compared to the OEM unit.


The BAR & PLATE construction is relatively heavy so there is certain temperature inertia. Meaning under load the core takes longer to heat, but also longer to cool down once the load is removed.


This is fine for on the road but for use on the racetrack this core construction is not particularly suitable as it arrives at a constant cooling performance at varying loads in the full load range. Also, weight reduction is an important consideration for track use.


Competition Intercoolers

Our Competition Intercoolers have a TUBE FIN core, which offers excellent cooling and flow characteristics compared to both OEM and our Performance Intercoolers.


The fine structure of the TUBE FIN core makes them relatively light and exchange heat much faster. This type of core construction takes temperatures relatively quickly, but also very quickly transfers this away again. For a constant cooling performance in a dynamic throttle situation, this is an indispensable feature.


Other than in California, the Competition intercooler is suitable for street use as well as at the racetrack.

What Makes Wagner Intercoolers Different From Others?

Wagner designs its intercoolers so that there are no restrictions, and no dead spots (or shadows) that are commonly found in stock OEM intercoolers.  Their designs allows for a more uniform filling which allows more air to flow through the intercooler.  This feature is perhaps one of the most unique and beneficial components that sets Wagner Intercoolers apart from others.

Any Warranty or Other Information I Should Know?

All Wagener Intercoolers comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. Plus, each intercooler is stamped with a NanoGram sticker that has a serial code embedded on it that you check online. This NanoGram-Sticker ensures you have bought a genuine product and is used to register your intercooler for its warranty.

NanoGram-Sticker can be easily scanned using a Smartphone via QR Scan or you can enter the serial code through their website at www.wagnertuning.com/verify


Find the Intercooler that Fits Your MINI


Mini Mania offers three different Wagner Intercooler options:


Part Number: G2NME3161


Fits the following 2011+ Cooper S models:            

  • 2011-2013 R56 MINI Cooper S Hardtop
  • 2011-2014 R55 MINI Cooper S Clubman
  • 2011-2015 R57 MINI Cooper S Convertible
  • 2012-2015 R58 MINI Cooper S Coupe
  • 2012-2015 R59 MINI Cooper S Roadster
  • 2011-2016 R60 MINI Cooper S Countryman
  • 2013-2016 R61 MINI Cooper S Paceman



Part Number:  G2NME3162


Fits the following Cooper S models:

  • 2007-2013 R56 MINI Cooper S Hardtop
    2008-2014 R55 MINI Cooper S Clubman
    2009-2015 R57 MINI Cooper S Convertible 
    2012-2015 R58 MINI Cooper S Coupe
    2012-2015 R59 MINI Cooper S Roadster
    2011-2016 R60 MINI Cooper S Countryman
    2013-2016 R61 MINI Cooper S Paceman


Three versions available:

Performance version for 2007-2010 pre-facelift models

Performance version for 2011+ facelift models

Competition version for 2011+ models   





Part Number: G2NME3160


Fits the following Gen2 2007-2010 Cooper S models:

  • 2007-2010 R56 MINI Cooper S Hardtop
  • 2008-2010 R55 MINI Cooper S Clubman
  • 2009-2010 R57 MINI Cooper S Convertible






Part Number: G3NME3160


Fits the following Gen3 Cooper S models:

  • 2014+ F56 Mini Cooper S Hardtop
    2015+ F55 Mini Cooper S Hardtop 4-Door
    2016+ F54 Mini Cooper S Clubman 
    2016+ F57 Mini Cooper S Convertible