On Sunday, April 29, 2001, Mini Mania held it's first Nevada City Adventure event. Being our first swap meet/car show since our move, we weren't sure what to expect.

It was a great turnout, with people coming far and wide to check out the new place and of course, to see the cars! We had 30+ cars on hand with over 200 people in attendence. We were very happy to have the famous BleGoose on hand as well, having traveled over 500 miles to attend the show! This was just a warmup for the BleGoose, as Erik McVay of the MiniRun 2001 team will be driving it across ths U.S. this summer.

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Also, we were unable to announce the winners for our car show and would like to take this opportunity to do so. These results are based on our attendees votes, except for the Reacher Award. We can't tell you how close this was. Honorable mentions to a mid-30's Austin Special, Carroll Sather's '59 Minor, Nicholas & Jennifer Coker's '70 Austin Pickup (van conversion) and Bruce Blair's '61 "1,000,000 Minor", which was voted "Worst of Show ". Be sure to visit our photo gallery to see some of these fine cars.

We have the winners broken into four categories and they are as follows:

Reacher Award
As mentioned, the BleGoose traveled from Portland, Oregon to attend the swap meet, making this award an obvious choice. Though it was the farthest traveled car, it was not farthest traveled attendee; we had people who had flown from distances as far as Seattle and Hawaii!

Best Mini of Show Award:
1965 Mini Cooper S
The owner, Eric Gunderson, told us this car had originally been restored as a racer, but then decided to keep it as a street car. It lead the pack over to Empire Mine for a private tour.

Best Morris of Show
1957 Morris Minor Traveller
This woody was in tip top shape and
barely edged another gorgeous '59 Minor.

Roadster Award
1960 Austin Healey
Bugeye Sprite

1275cc Engine. Courtesy of Tom and Suzi Zylla


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