Dome 3" Badges for your Mini Cooper
for both MINI Cooper and Classic Mini


Dome Badges are made from high-quality, weather-proof coated vinyl with a protective clear coat that makes it UV stable. Having a magnetic backing, they can be placed on any metal surface of your Mini. However, if you want to mount a Dome Badge to your grill or license plate, then our grill mounting kit  or license plate holder is needed.   

Available Dome Badge Styles


Sideways Curve over Yellow

Sideways Curve over Red

Vertical Curve over Yellow

Vertical Curve over Red

Bend the Rules

Checkered with Text Perimeter

Checkered Pattern

Checkered Flag Red Trim

Checkered Flag Orange Trim

Checkered Flag Blue Trim

Red Checker

Mini Yes it's Fast

Fast Stig

Do Not Touch

Girl Heart 102 

Peace Sign Green

One Love


Stop Staring

Italian Job

Shaka over White

Shaka over Blue

Shaka over Yellow

Shaka over Green

Shaka over Red

Rockon Blue

Rockon Yellow


Got Mud?

Blackjack R60S

Royal Air Force

Drive Like a Girl

Full Scale over White

Full Scale over Yellow

Red Skull over Black w/ White

Italian Job
Go Kart
Hang On
Jolly Roger

 Typeface 01
Manual Shift

Military US Air National Guard

Military US Navy

Military US Marines

Military US Army  101st Airborne

Support our Troops

Sports Golf

Sports Tennis

Sports Basketball

Sports Soccer

Sports Volleyball

Sports Marathon

Sports Scuba Diving

Sports Baseball 101
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Flag US

Flag Alaska

Flag Arizona

Flag California

Flag Colorado

Flag Hawaii

Hawaii Black Jack Flag

Flag Oregon

Flag South Carolina

Flag Tennessee

Texas Flag

Flag Washington DC
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Flag Australia

Flag Belgium

Flag Brazil

Flag Brunei

Flag Canada

Canadian Maple Leaf

Flag Colombia

Flag Cuba

Flag Egypt

Flag Finland

Flag France

Flag Georgia Republic

Flag Germany

Flag Greece

Flag Guam

Flag Hungary

Flag India

Flag Ireland

Flag Italy

Flag Jamaica

Flag Japan

Flag Malaysia

Flag Mexico

Flag Netherlands

Flag New Zealand

Flag Norway

Flag Poland

Flag Philippines

Flag Portugal

Flag Russia

Flag Scotland

Flag Singapore

Flag South Korea

Flag Spain

Flag Sweden

Flag Switzerland

Flag Thailand

Flag Turkey

Flag UK Black Jack

UK Grey Jack

UK Heritage Flag

UK Red Grey

Flag United Kingdom

Flag British Virgin Islands
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Holiday Easter Love

Holiday Happy Easter

Holiday St. Patrick's Day

Holiday Shamrock

Holiday Mini Shamrock

Holiday Luck of the Irish

Holiday Green Beer

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Holiday Halloween Mini Face 1

Holiday Halloween Mummy

Holiday Halloween Pumpkin

Holiday Halloween Trick or Treat

Holiday Halloween Bat

Holiday Halloween Boo

Holiday Halloween Dracula
Holiday Thanksgiving Turkey

Holiday Mini Snow Flake
Holiday Mini Gift

Holiday Merry Christmas

Holiday Let it Snow

Holiday Noel

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Holiday Snowman
Holiday Polar Bear




License Frame Dual Badge Holder Universal Badge Holder
The License Frame Dual Badge Holder is for the rear of your MINI Cooper or Classic Mini. There are three options - basic, black & chrome. The basic option will hold the Dome Style 3" badges, NOT the 3D badges.  The black and chrome badge holders will work with both the Dome Style 3" AND 3D Style 3". Installs in minutes. The Universal Badge Holder mounts to the front of your MINI Cooper or Classic Mini.  We offer both black trim and chrome trim options.  In addition you can purchase spare trim rings to offer a different look.  Can be used with both Dome Style 3"and 3D Style 3" Badges. This ingenius mounting system installs with no tools!