November 2012
Happy November, MINI5280!    
In this month's newsletter, we reflect back on our fun Yalla Yalla event as well as look forward to another event this Saturday! This time it's North meets South! Look for details below.
Don't forget that we are always welcoming your stories and ride ideas. Even a great photograph is the perfect addition and your fellow club members would love to see it! The classified section at the bottom is open to anyone looking to sell MINI parts; just let us know!
Thanks for being a part of this great club!
Keep motoring,
Kristan Yadao (Dittin)
MINI5280 Secretary


President's Message
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President's Message November 2012


Another fine MINI month has past!  Yalla Yalla was a very good time in the rain and cool October weather,  Ralph Schomp MINI provided a very good BBQ for the MINI5280 membership.


The Yalla Yalla team did a fantastic job and dressing up for the event,  I will say again, one of the best costumed and decorated set of MINIs ever!  Our membership outdid themselves with some fancy costumes and MINIs.  It was hard to select the best, but we did give away some pretty good swag at the Taco Bar!


The following Saturday MINI5280 put up a tent at RSM's Motor-Tober event,  we had some good traffic to promote the club and hopefully we will gain a few new members.  A big THANK YOU to Schomp MINI for the invitation to promote MINI5280 alongside their great MINI staff.

Thank you to the MINI5280 officers and the MINI5280 members who came out to talk and pass out flyers.


MITM 2013 is in the planning,  we will be hosting out of the Christie Lodge in Avon, Colorado.  We will be asking for local folks and few of our out of state folks to volunteer in August, as they have in the past.  If you are local and want to help us plan or lead an activity, please send an email to or to me -  Send email if you have ideas about what we should do in AVON,  we are open to suggestions!


Coming up we have the North meets South drive to Coney Island Hot Dog Restaurant in Bailey, Colorado on Saturday, November 3, 2012.  Ray Gross is the planner and mapper, information is on NAM, FB and Motoring Alliance,  calendar is on NAM.

Some thoughts are going around on doing our Annual MINI5280 Children's Hospital Toy Run in December, no date is set so if you want to lead this activity, send me a note.


It is a good time to relax and catch your breath, detail your MINI and plan your next mod or your next MINI.  Perhaps we will have a couple more informal gatherings at Sonic and possibly at a local restaurant to shake off the winter cobwebs,  watch the forums and FB.

Safe driving in the wet and snow.


Don Suiter. El Prez


Meet New Members, Paula and Jim Taylor


Your Name: Jim Taylor 
MINI Model: 2013 Convertible
Your MINI's Name: Lil' Red
Date of Purchase: Sep 2012
Dealer of Purchase: Mini of Loveland
Mods/Color: Chili Red
Spouse/Kids/Pets: Yes :-)
Employer/Type of Business: Information Technology 
Your Location: South East Wyoming.
Hobbies: Photography, Black Smiting, RC Planes, Harley Davidsons.
My History with the MINI: In 2004, I was deployed to Germany and I rented a Mini Cooper S Diesel. I asked the agent if it drove well on the autobahn, she said she thought so. I took it and the next day I headed out on a 7 hour trip across Europe. Well there were no markings on the shift knob, and I got on the autobahn and got it almost to red-line and after Km/h conversion I was doing about 80 MPH. I was bummed, but thought this little car would do better but 80 MPH isn't too bad. Well I drove like that for about 5 minutes before I realized I had two more gears. I drove about 120 MPH for the rest of the afternoon!    
Favorite MINI Memory: Driving in Austria in the slush and snow at about 120 MPH, and taking pictures of the country side with the window down.


Your Name: Paula Taylor 
MINI Model: 2012 Countryman
Your MINI's Name: Blue Belle
Date of Purchase: Oct 2012
Dealer of Purchase: Mini of Loveland
Mods/Color: True Blue
Spouse/Kids/Pets: Yes :-) 
Employer/Type of Business: Museum Director
Your Location: South East Wyoming
Hobbies: Making Bead jewelry
Goal You Would Like to Achieve This Year: Enjoying my MINI
My History with the MINI: I was in England in 1978 when I first saw them.
Favorite MINI Memory: I really liked the car as I was backing out of the parking space at the dealership to take the test drive. I hadn't even put it in drive yet.
Meet New Member, Alec Lee


Your Name: Alec Lee
MINI Model: 2012 CMS All4
Your MINI's Name: Otto (a good Austrian name)
Date of Purchase: 10/26/2012
Dealer of Purchase: Schomp
Mods/Color: No mods (yet).  Pure Red w/Black roof
Spouse/Kids/Pets: Melissa (wife) / Jason (6 yrs old) / Maggie (Australian Cattle Dog)
Employer/Type of Business: IT 
Your Location:  Parker
Hobbies: Guitar, Tech
Favorite TV Shows: Burn Notice, Psych
My History with the MINI: None, but I'm eager to start 


Motor-Tober Event Re-cap

MINI5280 at Schomp MINI's Motor-Tober Event

Story and pictures by Don Suiter

We were invited to come down and pitch our canopy at Ralph Schomp MINI by the dealer management team.  We took advantage to promote our MINI club dedicated to the 2003-2013 MINI Cooper in our great state of Colorado.


Our membership is very diverse, we have all ages with fun-loving MINI owners.  Always good to promote the club and show new MINI folks we want them to have fun too.

Ray Gross, Alan Nuss, Rick Gonzales were there to help and Ted Shipley, Deb Rich, Vicki Ethier and Herman Beeh came by and helped too.  We passed out flyers and talked with lots of folks who were out looking or buying a new MINI Cooper.  Rick G. brought out two of the MINI5280 flags he and his wife custom made for the club, he has one for events and I have one for events, if I remember to put it in the MINI!


I have not heard at the time of this writing who won the RSM special drawing for MINI5280 members who ran Yalla Yalla the previous Saturday and then came back to attend the Motor Tober Event.


Vicki E took delivery of her new 2013 MINI Roadster and Deb R. finalized her order for a new MINI R56 Hardtop, great to see folks staying with the MINI brand.  Herman Beeh was up dealing on a new MCS R56 Hardtop, never did find out what he ordered. :) I know he was looking hard at all the JCW options!


Vicki's Roadster:  Look at that wonderful CR MINI, someone to share the garage with Bean!

Motor Tober is an annual event at the MINI dealers,  Schomp MINI decided on a costume theme for this event, I managed to snap a couple pictures of the best dressed.  They even decorated some of the RSM MINIs, it was funny watching them take off decorations as they managed to sell a few of the costumed MINIs.  It was fun promotion and well received by the current MINI folks and future MINI owners.  Food was good too!  


Sales Management team at RSM.

Food, catered, very great sliders and sides, healthy too!

Getting one ready to go with roof rack and taking the promotion lettering off the MINI. 

Lights of December Parade 2012
Dust off those holiday lights - It's time to sign-up to participate in Downtown Boulder's 25th Annual Lights of December Parade, Saturday, December 1, 2012. 
The parade is open to community groups, non-profit organizations and local businesses.  Floats of all sorts are accepted - creativity and the use of non-vehicular modes of transport are encouraged. 
Please Remember - No Live Santas!  Bring the elves, but Santa is the last entry in the parade each year (and there can be only one).     

Entry Forms are available online.  The deadline for entries is Monday, November 19, 2012. 

Questions?  Email or call the Events Department at 303-449-3774.

Yalla Yalla 2012 Recap

Yalla Yalla 2012

Story by Robert Montoya

Photos by Robery Montoya, Don Suiter,Teena Craighill, and Kristan Yadao


On Saturday October 13th, 2012 MINI5280 held the annual event called Yalla Yalla to celebrate the founding of our MINI club back in 2002. Like several previous Yalla Yalla events, the starting point was at Ralph Schomp MINI.


 With the 2012 edition, we followed some traditions and went untraditional with different parts of the event. We had a musical interlude without the music quiz. There was no physical scavenger hunt, but participants had to gather clues from the physical world. The route was done in traditional Yalla Yalla fashion with the directions in riddle form. We broke with the traditional Sunday Broncos bye week, and by doing that I hope we had members come out that would usually skip a Sunday event. And we celebrated MINI5280's founding with not one but two birthday cakes, which may have never been done with previous Yalla Yallas.


 The event, sponsored by MINI5280 and Ralph Schomp MINI, started out with a pre-event rally and barbeque-style lunch provided by Ralph Schomp MINI. The crowd that gathered numbered into the seventies, as we had numerous members from MINI5280 and Minis Of The Rockies (MOTR) with their Classic Minis in attendance. The theme of this year's event was "1960's Back to the roots of Mini" and nearly everyone dressed up for the event this year, so the classic Minis that were there made the perfect accessory to pose in front of for pictures.


  After every one had been signed in and the part one packets distributed, we visited with old and new friends, filled our tanks with burgers and dogs, then we all set off on the journey to an unknown destination. As with any event held in the fall, the weather may or may not cooperate, luckily we had a good morning with cool air and overcast skies. That is not how the mid-day weather was, as we tried to have a mid-way check point for the event. Shortly after noon the rain came down. Handing out part two packets and making sure we had every one complete part one proved a challenge.



 We had some that had come to Denver from faraway places and needed to get home and others that had previous engagements to attend. So we did lose a few participants for part two, but no one had to open their "Lostitude Packet."



The route took participants from Ralph Schomp MINI North into Downtown Denver. On the way, they went by the University of Denver and Washington Park, through Cheesman Park and onto "LoDo", the Auraria Campus, Capitol Hill, Ball Park, Central Downtown, Civic Center Park, the Theatre District, and Larimer Square. 


To quote "tcowden" in the Yalla Yalla Discussion forum, "It was fun driving around downtown and seeing MINIs going every which direction. It looked like a scene from a movie!" That is what I was hoping for when coming up with the route--the fun and a scene from a movie effect.



After the MINIs were done buzzing around Downtown Denver they were sent north down Federal Boulevard eventually landing at the Northglenn Recreation Center. At the Rec Center we enjoyed a Taco Bar (which was catered by the Old Santa Fe Mexican Grill in Louisville Colorado), cake for desert and, like always, everyone left with a prize.


Next Year's event may go back to the traditional "Ride, Quiz, Scavenger Hunt, Musical Discovery, and Journey to the Unknown," but as a club the future is wide open to keep on growing in different directions and to start new traditions. Long live Yalla Yalla, long live MINI5280.


MINI of Loveland makes a milestone - 1000 MINIs sold!
Happy Couple taking delivery of their MINI Roadster
 From MINI5280 - Congrats MINI of Loveland!
Upcoming Event! North meets South MINI Run
Saturday, November 3rd, 2012
Here's our chance to link up with NORTH and SOUTH MINI folks!

MINIs will launch from points NORTH (Denver) and SOUTH (Colo Spgs) and meet in Bailey for lunch at the Hot Dog Stand that looks like a Hot Dog.

We plan to meet at Bailey at 1130.

SOUTH Meet at Rudy BBQ at 9:30am - Map Link
NORTH Meet at Morrision Rd/S. Rooney Rd at 10:15am - Map Link
Upcoming Event! MINI of Loveland's Lights-Capade
Minis in the Mountains 2013
 Minis in the Mountains 2013 planning is underway! Location for next year will be Avon, CO at the Christie Lodge. More information to follow!
Upcoming MINI5280 Events
  • November 3rd, 2012 - North Meets South MINI Run - Here's our chance to link up with NORTH and SOUTH MINI folks! MINIs will launch from points NORTH (Denver) and SOUTH (Colo Spgs) and meet in Bailey for lunch at the Hot Dog Stand that looks like a Hot Dog. Sign up and more info here. 
Upcoming Non-MINI5280 Events
  • November 23-25, 2012 - Rod and Custom Show - Website
  • December 1st, 2012 - Lights of December Parade 2012 - Website
  • December 13th, 2012 - MINI of Loveland Lights-Capade - Website 
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