Thank you for your participation in our iPad Mini Giveaway! 

The Winner is KRDENNIS from Kansas City, MO!


iPad Mini Giveaway


Ready for the holiday season?  It brings so much joy but can get stressful and overwhelming at times.  Among all the holiday shopping madness we thought we would add a little fun by giving away one of this season's most anticipated tech gadgets, the new iPad Mini!  To do so we are having a scavenger hunt of sorts.  I mean, we aren't just going to give the iPad Mini away...we are going to make you work for it...just a little.  

And here is how...

On Cyber Monday, at 10 a.m. EST, we will be placing a pot of gold on one of our product pages.  Throughout the day we will give you three clues in the comment section of this announcement and on our Facebook page to help you find the icon.  Next to the icon will be a link to a page where you leave a comment that you found the pot of gold.  Those that find the pot of gold by 7 p.m. EST will be entered to win the new iPad Mini! 

The winner will be announced here on Tuesday, November 27th!

Check out the iPad Mini here.


Hello! We have added the pot of gold icon to one of our product pages and here are the three clues!  


1. It usually hangs in your kitchen and you replace it once a year.

2. A way to organize days for social, religious and administrative purposes.

3. Each month you flip the page.


Find the icon, click on the link and leave a comment!  You just might WIN! Go!