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Reviews.jpg Mini Cooper
Created: September 15, 2014
MINI Cooper Turbocharger Replacement and Upgrade Options from Mini Mania
MINI Cooper Strut Brace
Created: September 08, 2014
The result of reducing the flex in these towers are each is loaded by the other will help control caster and camber which in turn will improve traction on the turns and better turn-in response and could actually reduce understeer.

News.jpg Mini Cooper
Created: March 13, 2014
Featured at the Hopkirk Golden Jubilee is TWINI, the twin engine MINI Cooper race car specifically designed and built by Jacques Andres to win the 2014 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race hosted by the National Auto Sport Association and held each December at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, CA.
Cylinder head intake and exhaust valves
Created: January 17, 2014
We offer the most complete selection in the country of original equipment and after market performance parts for the MINI aluminum cylinder head. The introduction of a cost effective alternative for stock valves compliments our existing range of performance and over-sized valves for both the first and second generation models of the MINI.

Tools.gif Mini Cooper
Created: December 03, 2013
Click here to download the manufacturer's owners manual.   ...
Created: April 11, 2013
Installation instructions for the iPhone Fixie Mount from CravenSpeed. This is our quickest installing phone mount, which accomplished the job without any added complications. The piece is made from the highest grade materials and is guaranteed to be free from defects. The installation time for this product is about 10 minutes and can be done by anyone. You will need a Philips Screwdriver as well as a T27 Torx Driver.

Camera.jpg Mini Cooper
Created: December 06, 2012
Hello Mini lovers!  Christmas spirit is in the air.  To amplify that sprit we asked our forum members to share any Christmas themed Mini photos.   Here are some of the submissions.  Share your Mini Christmas photo here:   This is the basic decor. I will be putting on ab...
Mom & the MINI Mother's Day Contest WINNER
Created: May 15, 2012
I Love my new Mini. It was on my wish list for years. After a bout with early stage breast cancer a few years ago, we realized no one has a lock on tomorrow. My special ordered Mini checked off a big item on my bucket list and I could not be more thrilled. It brings me so much joy just to drive it.

MINILOGO_Color.png Mini Cooper
MINI Cooper F56 Parts and Accessories by Mini Mania
Created: September 11, 2014
MINI Cooper F56 Parts and Accessories by Mini Mania
Created: August 11, 2014
There is some confusion about the 2014 model year MINI Hatchbacks (also referred to as the 'Hardtop'). Do you have the 2014 R56 or the F56??

book45.jpg Mini Cooper
Created: November 19, 2013
Getting to Know Your New Best Friend Right off the mark, two things are good about MINIs. First, they’re already among the best sports cars on the road in terms of their ability to go fast, corner fast, and stop fast. Second, like other cars that are just plain fun to drive, MINIs have the un...
Getting the Maximum from Your New MINI Cooper . Part 1
Created: November 18, 2013
Getting the Maximum from Your New MINI Part 1