- Give Your Mini Cooper Some Personality and Flair -

Now you can personalize your MINI or Classic Mini Cooper with our unique and distinctive 3D Badges, Dome Badges and Vinyl Badges! With hundreds to choose from, our selection of badge runs the gamut from classic MINI logos and looks, to state and international flags, emojis, fun designs, personal interest and more!

They’re fun to collect and easy to change out – depending on your mood, a statement you’d like to make or an occasion you want to celebrate.

Quick Links to Learn about Mini Cooper Badges

For a brief overview on all the MINI Cooper Badges we offer, click on the buttons below.

   3D Badges    

Badges are sold separately.

Badge Holders are available in Black or Chrome.
  • Black badge holder blends in seamlessly with most Mini Cooper grills
  • Chrome version provides a nice accent and beautifully sets your badge off against the black.

Finding the Right Badge Type to Fit Your Mini

Though all badges allow you to express your feelings and bring smiles to others, there are differences between the three.

3D Badges For Your Mini Cooper

Our 3D Badges are exactly that…3D. Made from laser cut acrylic, the images on 3D badges are layered to produced a 3D effect. Due to the added weight required to make these 3D badges, a mounting kit for your grill or license plate is required.


Check out our 3D Badges for Your Mini Cooper page for more 3D Badges.

Dome Badges for Your Mini Cooper

Dome Badges are made from high-quality, weather-proof coated vinyl. However since they have a magnetic backing, they can be placed on any metal surface of your Mini. However, if you want to mount a Dome Badge to your grill or license plate, then our mounting kit is needed.

Check out our Mini Cooper Dome Badges page for more Mini Dome Badges.

Vinyl Badges

Vinyl MINI Cooper Badges are made from high-quality, weather-proof vinyl with a trademark adhesive that allows you to place a badge anywhere on your car you wish without damaging your paint or leave a sticky residue if you choose to move it or remove it.
 Mini Cooper Power Yellow Vinyl Badge Mini Cooper Curve Yellow Vinyl Badge

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For Complete Section of All the Badges

Want to see all the 3D Badges, Dome Badge, Vinyl Badges and more that you can pick from.  Go to ALL the badges Mini Mania carries to see all that we have.

Badge Holder Types

 Badge Holder are a must for 3D Badges.  And if you want to attached your Dome Badges to a grill or license plate,  it's HIGHLY recommended you use a holder.




License Frame Dual Badge Holder Universal Badge Holder
The License Frame Dual Badge Holder is for the rear of your MINI Cooper or Classic Mini. There are three options - basic, black & chrome. The basic option will hold the Dome Style 3" badges, NOT the 3D badges.  The black and chrome badge holders will work with both the Dome Style 3" AND 3D Style 3". Installs in minutes. The Universal Badge Holder mounts to the front of your MINI Cooper or Classic Mini.  We offer both black trim and chrome trim options.  In addition you can purchase spare trim rings to offer a different look.  Can be used with both Dome Style 3"and 3D Style 3" Badges. This ingenius mounting system installs with no tools!

Attaching Your MINI/Mini Cooper Badge is Simple and Easy

Attaching your 3D Badge or Dome Bade to your grill or license plate requires a special mount in order to make the badge safe and secure.
• Grill Badge Holder allows you to easily mount badges to your grille
• MINI Cooper License Plate Holder mounts places your badge so everyone can see them around your plate.

* Both the Grill Holder and License Plate holder are sold separately.

Installing your Badge to a Grill Mount

Our 3D Badge holders are super easy to install.
  • Velcro strap the holder to wherever you want to display your badge, your grille, bike rack, etc.
  • Place the 3D Badge inside the holder.
  • Secure the badge in place by using the trim ring. 

Note: Trim rings come in black or silver. Please make sure you’re getting the trim ring you want when ordering your mounting kit.

Installing your Badge to a License Plate Holder

Installing your License Plate Holder is a quick and simple process and will require a screwdriver and maybe a wrench. Simply:
  • remove your license plate.
  • insert it into your holder. 
  • remount all to your Mini.
  • place the 3D or Dome Badge into place. 
  • secure the badge using a silver or black trim ring.

3 Commonly Asked Questions About Mini Badges

Below are 43of our most commonly asked questions.  If you need further help, check out our MINI Cooper Badge & Mounts FAQ page.

1.) Can The Badges Be Replaced or Changed Out?

Absolutely. Simply remove the trim ring, place the new badge into the holder and re-secure using the trim ring.

2.) Will The Badges You Sell Fit My MINI or Classic Mini?

Yes, all our badges will fit either a new MINI or a Classic Mini.

3.) Where Can I Get A MINI Cooper Badge Holder?

Mini Mania sells both the Grill Holder and MINI License Plate Holder.

Be sure to select the trim ring color you want, either silver or black.

Our Badge Are Safe and Secure.

As long as the mounting systems are firmly mounted and the trim rings are tightly secured, these badges aren’t going anywhere. And as they’re made with high-quality, weather-proofed vinyl or acrylics, they’ll weather any storm Mother Nature wishes to throw at them. (They are even car wash safe.)

Side Note

It is recommended that you periodically check your badges to make sure they haven’t become loose. Changing weather, road conditions and vibrations from simply driving your Mini could affect the mounting system and trim rings security. If it feels loose, simply tighten everything down and you’ll be fine.

Cleaning Your Badge is a Breeze

Both the vinyl Dome badges and the laser cut acrylic 3D badges are dishwasher safe. Just place them in the silverware basket of your dishwasher and run them through the gentle cycle. Or for a quicker cleaning method, simply use a soft cloth and a mild soap and wash any debris from your badges.