3D Mini Cooper Badges & Holders
for both MINI Cooper and Classic Mini


Our 3” 3D Badges made for MINIs and Classic Minis are made from laser cut layered acrylic and have real 'depth' at .25" thick. They are UV stable and waterproof and depending on your mood, can be easily interchanged with other 3D or Dome Badges.

Due to the added weight required to make these 3D badges, a mounting kit for your grill or license plate is required. 3D Badges fit both the black or silver license plate holder or the Black  or Chrome  Dual Badge Holders. Other holders are not recommended.

For a complete list of ALL Badges, check out our MINI Cooper BADGES page.

If you don't see a pattern you seek, ask us at info@minimania.com.  There are too many patterns for us to list all of them.





License Frame Dual Badge Holder Universal Badge Holder
The License Frame Dual Badge Holder is for the rear of your MINI Cooper or Classic Mini. There are three options - basic, black & chrome. The basic option will hold the Dome Style 3" badges, NOT the 3D badges.  The black and chrome badge holders will work with both the Dome Style 3" AND 3D Style 3". Installs in minutes. The Universal Badge Holder mounts to the front of your MINI Cooper or Classic Mini.  We offer both black trim and chrome trim options.  In addition you can purchase spare trim rings to offer a different look.  Can be used with both Dome Style 3"and 3D Style 3" Badges. This ingenius mounting system installs with no tools!